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Monitor Articles for August 13, 2010

Robot to explore Great Pyramid
Perseid meteor shower puts on a spectacular show
Midterm elections: Will Republicans gain seats despite dismal ratings?
Why California gay marriage ruling may not head to US Supreme Court
Will $600 million border bill help Obama sway GOP on immigration reform?
Scientists hack into cars' computers -- control brakes, engine
The Expendables: movie review
Animal Kingdom: movie review
Alien worlds? Far-off galaxies? Study sets US space priorities.
3 Reasons Israel will attack Iran
Hindenburg omen in stock market suggests upcoming slump
Pakistan floods, Haiti earthquake: unprecedented 1-2 punch for US aid
Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone to be inducted at Hall of Fame
When a lion snores ... transmitters are inserted
Three recipes for the late-summer tomato
Elias Abuelazam serial stabber case befuddles experts
Verbal Energy The president and the carnival barker
That's the Way the Wind Blows
Ceviche: All you need is raw fish, lime juice, and patience
The Monitor's View Chicken Little over swine flu: Learning from the H1N1 scare
Uganda's LRA killed 2,500 people, abducted 697 children over past 18 months
Eat Pray Love: movie review
Trojan asteroid detected in Neptune's 'dead zone'
Global climate change trend continues with second hottest July on record
3 Reasons Israel won't bomb Iran
Fonseka convicted in Sri Lanka amid delayed inquiry over Tamil Tigers war
Why Harry Reid can't seem to put Sharron Angle in the rearview mirror
As military allows an election in Burma (Myanmar), watch the Buddhist monks
Friggatriskaidekaphobia gotcha? No reason to fear Friday the 13th.
Maxine Waters slams ethics charge: 'I have not violated any House rules'
At Guantánamo Bay, Omar Khadr war crimes tribunal delayed
South Korea OKs humanitarian aid trip to North Korea
America’s biggest jobs program: The US military
Jackie Evancho makes splash on TV talent show (video)
Border security bill worth $600 million to be signed by Obama
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with House minority leader John Boehner
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Sen. Carl Levin
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell
Most human dominoes? They're in China (video)
Russia to finish Iran nuclear plant but won't deliver missiles
Tiger Woods shoots under par during first round
Retail sales up in July
Alexander McCall Smith: the incredible productivity of a writer
If Israel attacks Iran, will the mullahs welcome it?
Perseid meteor shower probably won't pelt spacewalking astronauts, says NASA
Opinion What if Congress wrote laws as simple and clear as scripture?
Why a value-added tax makes sense
Wyclef Jean: Haiti needs a 'global' leader
Stock market heads for lower opening after sales report
Happy Meals: Does McDonald's lure kids unfairly?
Home equity loan crisis is easing, despite headlines
Michael Jordan, Dream Team, to stand together again at Hall of Fame
The unintended consequences of Iranian trade sanctions
Opinion America must not neglect Iraq's refugees as US troops withdraw
What the rest of Europe can learn from Germany
What frugality gets you
Mobile technology: India and BlackBerry standoff could lead to ban
Burma finally unveils November election date: Will it be fair?
Iran changes Ashtiani stoning sentence for adultery to hanging
Learning to love at 30,000 feet
Judge: Prop. 8 backers might not have legal standing to appeal
From Fatwa to Jihad
Reader recommendation: Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife
Bestselling books the week of 8/12/10, according to IndieBound*
With Tweet Button, Twitter looks outward
Dell Streak review roundup