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Monitor Articles for July 9, 2010

Restrepo: movie review
Russian spies: Hollywood's version vs. real-life espionage
As state governors meet, a scorecard on states' challenges
Solar eclipse: Only the rich will be able to view this one
The Girl Who Played With Fire: movie review
Concert ticket sales decline. Is it the economy or the music?
The Kids Are All Right: movie review
Vicky Pelaez: Can someone be married to a Russian spy and not know it?
Rio Grande: River continues to rise, forcing evacuations
Obama administration walks tricky political line on gay marriage ban
LeBron James: The politics of The Decision
Gulf oil spill: Two weekend operations could boost oil collection
Vuvuzela fatwa: United Arab Emirates bans the loud plastic horns
Iraq withdrawal: A US unit prepares Mosul police for self-rule
Put off by the LeBron James spectacle? Here's a redeeming virtue.
International buyers: Are they buoying the US housing market?
Tour de France 101: What do different color jerseys mean?
Spain vs. Netherlands: Which World Cup team are you rooting for?
Spain vs The Netherlands: No dramas, just pure soccer
Octopus Paul has thunder stolen by Mani the Parakeet
In concert, South Africa jazz great Hugh Masekela prays for racial peace
Glenn Beck's 'demagoguery' threatening Republican party, says veteran GOP lawmaker
The other Israeli conflict: with itself
In Stage 6 of Tour de France, Cavendish claims victory again
LeBron James and his superteam: Player collusion or OK?
Government intervention and yuan revaluation
When dawn's red glow is a mammoth dust storm in disguise
Walking the Ties
US, Russia spy swap: Why London is a hotbed of spies
Top Picks: Whale exhibit, 'The Passage,' veggie swaps, and more recommendations
Room with no view, but perfect for an office
Highlight your errors: the paradox of the 'strike through' mode
Despicable Me: movie review
Economic collapse: Don't blame the free market
The Monitor's View The new Obama style: cozy up to world leaders
Jennifer Lopez cancels north Cyprus show after Greek outcry
Oakland riots produce multiple arrests and damage following fatal shooting verdict
Mehserle trial verdict draws violence to Oakland, legal scrutiny
RAND study: Legalizing marijuana will increase use. Is this what parents want for their kids?
Emptier prisons: Inmate population drops for first time in 40 years
How to make the most of summer's rambling raspberries
Asia's chess factory: Vietnam trains its youngest to be world-class players
German vs Uruguay: Three reasons why Germany will win
Uruguay vs Germany: Three reasons why Uruguay will win
Jennifer Lopez cancels controversial north Cyprus show
Why South Korea's prime minister appears poised to resign
Opinion Passing of Shiite cleric Fadlallah spells trouble for Lebanon
Pakistan bombing kills 62, wounds 111
Solar eclipse Sunday can be seen only on Easter Island
Australia plan to divert asylum seekers gets cool reception
Tour de France 101: Where does it go?
Opinion LeBron James: Where's the outrage about his salary?
Tour de France 101: How long is the race?
Duck boat crash: Woman found dead in river is missing tourist
Why is the Department of Energy so energy inefficient?
How are Tour de France towns are picked? Incognito.
Foreclosure double standard: Why the rich get away with defaulting
Obama loses in court again over deepwater drilling moratorium
The Roth IRA roll: A quiet explosion in IRA conversions
Is it selfish not to have kids?
Civilian clashes with UN soldiers rise in Lebanon's Hezbollah heartland
PLA 'Beat It' video: Is being cheeky about China's military risky business?
Why US entrepreneurs are repressed
Duck boat crash: Female body found in river; search continues for missing man
Were deported Russian spies as incompetent as they seemed?
When a judge must correct young celebrities like Lindsay Lohan
Seeking inspiration
Responding to Cheonan warship sinking, US and South Korea confirm war games
On the 50th anniversary of "To Kill a Mockingbird": a glimpse of Harper Lee
The Only Game in Town
Reader recommendation: Tattoos on the Heart