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Monitor Articles for July 6, 2010

Uruguay-Netherlands semifinal: Historic Holland win sets up an all-European final
Queen Elizabeth II visits New York: What does royalty cost British taxpayers?
Air conditioners whir during heat wave, but power systems hold up
Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans now has tar balls, oily sheen
Men at Work must pay royalties for copied riff in 'Down Under'
WikiLeaks case: Army charges soldier in release of Iraq cockpit video
US-Israel relationship is as tight as ever, Obama and Netanyahu say
Pentagon working on hummingbird-sized spy drones
A Keynesian case for austerity in Germany
Immigration law in Arizona target of federal lawsuit
Boston Pops and the Justice Department suit against the Arizona immigration law
EPA moves to cut power plant emissions to fight air pollution
Gaza Strip blockade easing by Israel lauded by President Obama
What to look for in the 2010 Tour de France: Lance Armstrong, 'clean' squads, and cobblestones
The Monitor's View Biden in Iraq, a message of urgency
Burqa ban debated by French parliament
Tour de France Stage 3: Why Lance Armstrong lost ground
Spain vs Germany: Three reasons why Spain will win
Germany vs Spain: Three reasons why Germany will win
A hard look at what rising national debt could bring
Tar balls now found in Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain
What Burma (Myanmar) needs to fill its rice bowl
Is the Justice Department right to challenge Arizona's immigration law?
Lying to yourself about money: Why you do it and how to stop
Heat wave: Triple-digit temperatures push East Coast to pools, malls
BP oil spill: Claims can't make up losses for many Gulf residents
Six great summer space!
Melting ice reveals ancient atlatl dart
Dent in Afghanistan war strategy: Why Kandahar locals turn to Taliban
Frida Kahlo biography: How is she remembered?
In land of few burqas, France debates a ban
Should Kenya lawmakers earn $175,000 a year salary?
Will work for free: Why young workers should consider unpaid positions
Leslie Van Houten, ex-follower of Charles Manson, seeks parole for 19th time
79 million baby boomers enter retirement: What it could mean for the market
Tour de France: Can Lance Armstrong keep his Teflon image?
China's growth is making the carbon fat tail fatter
Afghanistan War: British soldier, three Afghan police killed by roadside blasts
Do public spending cuts make government more efficient in the long run?
Hillary Clinton slams Russia over Georgia: Why Russia shrugs
Financial stress declines slightly in June
Smart investing: Is it time to buy gold?
Netherlands vs Uruguay: Dutch fans paint Cape Town orange
Reading on the iPad, Kindle may slow you down
Walter Rodgers McChrystal lesson: the price of criticizing your boss
New donors emerge in developing countries
Michael Steele may face re-election challenge from North Dakota's Gary Emineth
World Cup schedule Tuesday: Uruguay vs Netherlands
Reader recommendation: Waiting for Snow in Havana
Lost Rights
Pearl Buck in China
Surviving the Great Recession: Tips for business owners losing heart
When will China's economy become bigger than ours?
Hillary Clinton blasts Russia for not honoring cease-fire with Georgia
Opinion Africa needs a brown (not green) food revolution
Opinion Petraeus’s impossible mission in Afghanistan: armed nation-building
Why Chinese activist Ni Yulan lost nearly everything
Netherlands vs Uruguay: Three reasons why the Netherlands will win
Netherlands vs Uruguay: Three reasons why Uruguay will win
US-Israel ties: Why Obama wants more from Netanyahu
Thailand's state of emergency is extended, criticized
The great debate: Is Obama a socialist?
A spiritual response to cyberattacks