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Monitor Articles for July 30, 2010

Cybercrime: Are mobsters planting hackers in big companies?
Consumer confidence: Americans pessimistic, economists aren't
The Extra Man: movie review
The Duel: movie review
Countdown to Zero: movie review
Key Florida campaign-finance provision blocked by federal court
Monkeys hate flying squirrels, report monkey-annoyance experts
Life on Mars? Prime spot for Martian fossils identified.
Pipeline in Michigan oil spill had been cited for corrosion
US 'nuclear sleuthing' abilities need improvement: report
Anthony Weiner rant reveals why nobody likes Congress
Third California wildfire erupts, first two now half contained
Obama: Detroit auto bailout was unpopular, but it worked
Ciudad Juarez US Consulate closes for security
New BP delay a warning: Don't write obituary on Gulf oil spill yet
Sarah Palin anoints a new 'mama grizzly': Does it make a difference?
Millions of dollars in US aid to Afghanistan: wasted money?
Wyclef Jean mulling Haiti presidential run against politician uncle
Genetic study uncovers wild ass ancestor of donkey
Artists find intriguing ways to mine catalogs
Kindle Wi-Fi: Has Amazon won the e-reader war?
What is the RIM Blackpad?
As 'American Idol' swaps hosts, will audiences stay loyal?
Opinion War on terror's other cost: undeserved anger at all Muslims
Lessons from my worst money blunders: bad influences
Privacy issues hit Facebook again
Will Congress let the Bush tax cuts expire?
Cape Cod beach closed due to great white shark sightings
Why Arizona’s anti-immigration law will hurt the state's economy
Perfumed virtual reality mask can change the taste of cookies
X Prize offers $1.4 million for Gulf oil spill cleanup ideas
Titan's giant sand dunes shaped by 'backward' winds, study finds
Chrysler announces they will add 900 jobs at suburban Detroit plant
Rare failed star found circling sun-like star
Seven internet 'key holders' could insure against cyber attack
Afghanistan election will still include suspected war criminals
From Cambodia's Killing Fields to New York, a new film confronts Khmer Rouge
Hillary Clinton to-do list: mother of the bride, avoid nuclear war
Five years after death of John Garang, a divided Sudan wonders: What if?
Anthony Weiner explodes in Congress and on Fox News [video]
LA explosion: Firefighters search building shattered by gas leak
Pakistan likes Al Qaeda more than America
GDP report could overestimate residential investment
Sandra Bullock asks to be scrubbed from Gulf restoration video
Opinion Divorce is costly. The settlement need not be.
The Monitor's View The US economy slows -- and so does worker mobility
Dinner for Schmucks: movie review
Rare Arab summit to forestall possible Hezbollah unrest in Lebanon
Four things to learn from new GDP data
Michael Bloomberg says New Yorkers have right to saggy pants
In ironic twist, Iran detained US hikers critical of Israel and America
Black Hat conference attacks the edges of secure Internet traffic
Top three theories on what damaged Japanese oil tanker near Iran
Yellowstone-area bears rounded up in Montana deadly attack
Sarah Palin going gray? 'America by Heart' gives Sarah Palin new eye color
Los Angeles wildfire causes widespread evacuations; aggressive air attack planned
Midterm elections: not all bad news for Democrats
Rating agencies play chicken against US economy
Cautioned by BP oil spill, Brazil continues deep-sea drilling
Anne Rice says she's done with Christianity
Airline fares: Six ways to beat the rise in ticket prices
Is today's fiction irrelevant?
Barack Obama to sell auto bailout good news in Michigan
Anne Rice says no more to Christianity (and no new vampires)
Cheesecake Factory offers half-price cheesecake on Friday
What's worse for Lake Michigan -- Kalamazoo River spill or Asian carp?
Islamic ad wars on city buses across America
Jon Stewart on WikiLeaks: 'One of the chief financial contributors to our enemy is us?'
Did Iran attack Japanese oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz?
Grief, guilt, and the touch of grace
Touch Blue
Reader recommendation: Through German Eyes