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Monitor Articles for July 3, 2010

Sports subsidies in Texas: lotsa bucks, little bang
US learns nothing from Japan’s economic mistakes
Voracious tree-eating beetles invade Italy
Bringing foot traffic to Israel's 'Jesus Trail'
Spain vs. Paraguay: A mess of a match, but Spain pulls it out
Germany vs. Argentina: German pride, Argentine disbelief after 4-0 goal fest
Germany vs. Argentina: European organization trumps South American flair
Gulf oil spill: BP grants $500 million for independent research
Thomas Jefferson a closet royalist? Hardly.
This Fourth of July, young Americans may not rally around liberty and freedom
BP Gulf oil spill: Turtles to be protected from 'burn boxes'
The Blue Room
BP oil spill: A subdued Fourth of July on Louisiana's Grand Isle
South Africa spent a bundle on stadiums, but World Cup will pay off
Spain vs Paraguay: Three reasons Paraguay will likely beat Spain
Spain vs Paraguay: Three reasons Spain will likely beat Paraguay
Dow average extends losing streak, longest since 2008
Bestselling books the week of 7/1/10 according to IndieBound*