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Monitor Articles for July 28, 2010

Afghanistan war: USAID spends too much, too fast to win hearts and minds
Afghanistan war: Successful foreign assistance lets Afghans pick their project
Afghanistan war: How USAID loses hearts and minds
WikiLeaks: Facing 90,000 documents, US officials take go-slow approach
How did Sharron Angle blow an 11-point lead on Harry Reid in seven weeks?
Solution to Arizona immigration law troubles: 'Safe passage' home?
Recession widened jobs gap between blacks and whites
Caravaggio painting not actually painted by Caravaggio
The Monitor's View Next steps for the Arizona immigration law after court's preliminary decision
Mushrooms used to make eco-friendly packaging
When the crowd discovers your 'indie' stocks
Lack of consumer confidence? Lackluster spending is also due to a new frugality
Tehachapi fire burns 20,000 acres, is 25 percent contained
Why Judge Susan Bolton blocked key parts of Arizona's SB 1070
Porsche 918 Spyder will come with an electric plug
Lessons from my worst money blunders: buying stuff you don't use
Why intriguing 'Inception' is the Hollywood exception
Vital ocean phytoplankton a casualty of global warming?
China floods leave 30,000 trapped
Surfing competition may return to Indonesia after years of terrorism threats
Opinion The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Why we should cheer Lisbeth Salander
Should the Electoral College reflect the popular vote?
Catalonia votes for less death in the afternoon with bullfighting ban
Iraq film directors look to build 'Baghdadwood'
Opinion Facebook and Twitter are turning my mind to mush
Massive black hole bends light, magnifying distant galaxy
Solar sail experiment could test Einstein hypothesis
Lorenzen Wright missing. Family suspects foul play.
The short-term risks of growing national debt
California wildfires north of Los Angeles partially contained
Obama on 'The View': ratings blockbuster or presidential epitaph?
Jack Roush OK after plane crash; NASCAR owner crashed in Wisconsin
Bullfighting ban in Spain? Catalonia says no more; activists target Madrid
New Hampshire bear break-in turns Goldilocks tale on its head
Arizona immigration law sections struck down by federal judge
Guns N' Roses rocker writes book about hard life and now sobriety
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of July 19, 2010
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of July 12, 2010
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of July 26, 2010
Michigan oil leak polluting Kalamazoo River; Governor declares disaster area
How the sports business has coped during the recession
South Africa strike: Nearly 1 million government workers set to take action
Huge asteroid on possible collision course with Earth (172 years from now)
Space shuttle layoffs for some contract workers
Electoral college reform one state closer to completion
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of July 5, 2010
Migrant leaders applaud South African authorities for quelling xenophobic violence
Jack Hanna wards off grizzly bear with pepper spray
Maurice Clarett released from prison and back at Ohio State
RIM expected to release 'iPhone killer' next week
Huge spacequakes shaking Earth's magnetic field
'Anti-Islamic' bus ads appear in major cities
iPhone jailbreaking OK; Feds allow unapproved iPhone apps
Sudan President Bashir, accused of war crimes, would be arrested in South Africa, says ANC
Hans Blix says US and Britain relied on flawed information in buildup to Iraq war
Wikileaks confirmed? A plan to kill American geologist with poison beer
Australian attraction to offer tours in Klingon language
Mortgage rates increase, but remain low
Catalonia outlaws bullfighting. What would Hemingway say?
How innovative financing will increase demand for electric cars
Anna Fermanova charged with trying to smuggle night-vision rifle sights to Russia
WikiLeaks controversy hovers, but House passes war funding bill
In defense of the CLASS Act
Why a young Israeli woman spies on Israeli settlements in West Bank
Aretha Franklin: R-E-S-P-E-C-T the arts in school budgets
North Korea, don't mess with South, US signals to Kim Jong-il
Robert Dudley, a Yank, takes BP helm. Why Brits are relieved
Blagojevich case goes to jury for deliberations
Should the Fed pump even more?
WikiLeaks: Why classify mundane data?
WikiLeaks fallout: US, UK, India criticize Pakistan as terror haven
A job for you
Pakistan plane carrying 152 crashes near Islamabad, no survivors reported
Next challenge for Congo: International terrorism
Can Ghana can avoid the 'oil curse'? A few fresh concerns.
Reader recommendation: La’s Orchestra Saves the World