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Monitor Articles for July 23, 2010

Economic recovery takes a break. Bernanke uncertain.
Charles Rangel ethics case tests new Congressional openness
Moon actually kind of damp, studies find
Ford reaps solid profits, surprises Wall Street
Temperatures hit record highs globally. El Nino or global warming?
As Hollywood invades, Comic-Con keeps its quirks
White iPhone 4? Keep waiting.
Winnebago Man: movie review
Life During Wartime: movie review
Get Low: movie review
Protests of Arizona immigration law promised as deadline looms
Charles Rangel ethics mess: another thing Democrats don't need before election
US deficit heads toward record $1.47 trillion
Stuxnet spyware targets industrial facilities, via USB memory stick
Republican skepticism challenges US-Russia treaty on nuclear weapons
India's strategy of suppression in Kashmir could backfire
Daniel Schorr: His first Monitor story, from 1948
Daniel Schorr: An appreciation
Incredibly detailed map of Mars hits the Web
Tim Tebow has plenty of arm, according to former Broncos great John Elway
Solar sail captures massive space explosion
Khmer Rouge tribunal prepares for first, and possibly only, verdict in Cambodia
Taj Mahal-era structures disappear in Bangladesh
Could high heels joke spike Ken Buck Senate campaign?
iPad as a learning device? Oklahoma colleges embrace the iPad
Tour de France Stage 18: Mark Cavendish wins battle of the sprinters
Edward Burtynsky and Ansel Adams: A pairing of devastation and beauty
Should Congress block EPA efforts on global warming?
Tropical storm Bonnie may pack an oily punch
Tea Party Caucus joins long, occasionally weird list of congressional groups
Confession of a former cheerleader: It's the noncompetition that made it fun
iPhone 4 case giveaway; iPhone 4 case to fix problems, says CEO
Hybrid cars pricing by Ford mirrors gas model
Daniel Schorr, longtime television news reporter, dies Friday
Milwaukee sinkhole that gobbled car, stoplight: Will it grow?
Oil-eating bacteria to the China oil spill rescue?
Gay Talese: Writing tips from a master of observation
$35 computer taps India's huge low-income market
The Monitor's View Bill to legalize Internet gambling: No dice
Shirley Sherrod shows Obama still finding his way on race
Unemployment benefits: How people survive when they’re gone
Milwaukee sinkhole swallows SUV and traffic light
Lt. Dan Choi discharged from Army National Guard
Stranded minnows get another go at life
Corpse flower: Foul plant could bloom during Texas wedding
Argentina prisoners escape past guard named Wilson (as in Cast Away)
Shirley Sherrod: Can she sue Andrew Breitbart?
Bear with jar stuck on head highlights dangers of humans [video]
Pakistan extends term of Army chief amid applause - and doubt
The fall (and rise) of a rabbit haven
Darth Vader robbery: Phantom menace strikes Long Island bank
Arizona immigration law: Backers are hopeful after court hearing
$35 computer introduced in India
Top picks: Guitar festival redux, 'A Town Called Panic,' 'Rubicon,' and more recommendations
Verbal Energy Notes from the road: words that bind a nation
iPhone 4 (white model) won't be available until later this year
Florida vacation? Obama is headed to the Gulf Coast next month
Naomi Campbell to testify at Charles Taylor war crimes trial
Angelina Jolie stars in 'Salt' as a CIA superspy
Opinion Inflation's hidden cost: forcing families to make riskier investments
Opinion Imminent war in Sudan? Not exactly.
Lessons from my worst money blunders: credit card debt
Stonehenge timber twin revealed in shovel-less dig
Understanding markets: Does regulation make sense?
Military suicides: a call to prayer
Scientists team up to attack Louisiana's Gulf oil spill berm plan
Tour de France Stage 18: Yellow jersey beyond reach, riders battle for lesser awards
North Korea warns of 'physical response' to US-South Korea war games; Clinton shrugs
Todd Boss finds a new way to put poetry in motion
Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.
Reader recommendation: Strength in What Remains
Microsoft (MSFT): the Lance Armstrong of tech stocks?