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Monitor Articles for July 20, 2010

Why is 'entitlement' a dirty word?
Jobs outlook: one reason it might not get better
Kinect controller for Xbox 360 will cost $150, says Microsoft
'Static kill' growing as option to end Gulf oil spill drama
David Cameron grilled over alleged BP role in Lockerbie bomber case
Ground Zero mosque: spate of terror plots fueling fears
Unemployment extension? Pooh. North Dakota hits jobs record.
Deadly cold snap hits Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
China energy use surpasses US. Who didn't see that coming?
Shirley Sherrod: casualty of escalating 'tea party'-NAACP race spat?
Breakthrough for new Iraq government? Allawi meets Maliki, Sadr
Elena Kagan's role on Supreme Court: defender of 'ordinary people'?
Why temporary census hires might have thrown off the recovery
In support of crop speculation
Unemployment insurance benefits extension clears hurdle
Difference Maker 'Wolf man' Doug Smith studies Yellowstone's restored predators
Titi monkeys: Man arrested in Mexico carrying 18 monkeys in his girdle
Michael Jordan falling down the list of US most popular athlete
Updates proposed for Christian Science Church's Boston plaza
Veil ban: Why Syria joins Europe in barring the niqab
Tour de France Stage 16: Lance Armstrong attacks, just misses win
JournoList: Is 'call them racists' a liberal media tactic?
Bed bugs: Victoria's Secret closure points to a bed bug comeback
Titi monkeys: Man caught smuggling 18 monkeys in his clothes
Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system not a silver bullet
Three Gorges Dam flooding turns deadly; dozens missing in China
The Monitor's View At the Kabul conference: a road map to transition in Afghanistan
Macy's and Target sales hope to draw cautious consumers
In Tehran, Afghan refugee children find joy and dignity in theater [video]
United States Department of Agriculture worker quits over racism charge
Bed bugs on the increase in Illinois but lack of DDT makes it hard to control
Rod Blagojevich on the witness stand: a high-risk legal strategy
Asteroid threat: Don't worry, Congress is looking into it
Senate committee approves Elena Kagan: how the senators voted
James Clapper headed for hot seat in spy chief hearing
Opinion Elena Kagan: Could she defend the Constitution's purpose?
Cola wars return: Pepsi MAX vs. Coke Zero
USS George Washington, S. Korea military drills send mixed signals to North Korea
Car rentals face US government fines for airport idling
Lindsay Lohan heads to jail: Harsh treatment or help at last?
Do we really need white people to 'save' Africa?
Supersonic car at Farnborough Air Show: science class at Mach speed
Is Karl Rove the new Oprah?
Joe Montana son arrested in South Bend for underage drinking
China overtaking US as world's top energy user?
Rwanda election: Security situation shaky ahead of August vote
Alvin Greene, South Carolina Senate candidate, fuzzy on some facts
Kabul Conference: Karzai calls for Afghan control by 2014
Opinion The dangers of seeing America as a 'Christian nation'
Jobless benefits given another vote by Democrats
The role of consumer spending in phony economic growth
Climate policy wars: Electricity utilities in coal powered states
Top Secret America: Counter-terrorism apparatus is hidden, lacks oversight
Angelina Jolie plays a super-spy character in 'Salt'
Philanthropy and the estate tax
Sarah Palin oops again! Calls Kodiak Island nation's largest, even though it's not.
David Cameron to meet with US senators over Lockerbie bombing
Morality in babies and guidance for adults
Karzai sets a 2014 deadline for Afghanistan to take control of security
Tour de France: Will Contador pay for his breach of cycling's unwritten rules?
Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity
Reader recommendation: Called Out of Darkness