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Monitor Articles for July 2, 2010

Gold and government debt: only two things still going up
Gulf oil spill: Will it hit Miami, Fort Lauderdale soon?
Obama eulogizes Sen. Robert Byrd under West Virginia skies
Fourth of July: Female power triumphs at the movies
Team Jacob or Team Edward? Turns out Elena Kagan would rather talk about legal stuff.
Ghana vs Uruguay: Cruel exit for the Black Stars; heartbreak for Africa
BART case: As Oakland awaits Mehserle verdict, a push for peace
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work: movie review
Love Ranch: movie review
Troubling reason for drop in unemployment rate: People exiting work force
Thomas Jefferson made monarchist slip-up in Declaration of Independence draft
iPhone 4 reception problems? Apple says it's all in the bars.
Sidekick finally yanked out of commission by T-Mobile
Afghanistan war: Taliban attack in north targets civilian organization
ModNation Racers review
On July 4, sing the national anthem and visit ... the memorial buoy?
Russian spies: Three remaining mysteries
A Whale to the rescue: Can super-skimmer turn tide of Gulf oil spill?
Tomas Berdych beats Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon semifinals
General Petraeus takes command of the Afghanistan war
W.S. Merwin: What kind of poet laureate will he be?
Chicago passes revised gun law, allowing handgun ownership
General Odierno: Al Qaeda in Iraq faces serious financial crunch
'The Cove' hits big screen in Japan, defying threats
Out-of-control Russian robot ship careens past space station
Argentina fans who doubted Diego Maradona: 'Please forgive us!'
Still homeless from Haiti earthquake, thousands fight forced evictions
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of June 28, 2010
The Monitor's View Obama-Netanyahu talks need concessions for an Israeli-Palestinian deal
Attack on Lahore shrine raises concern about sectarian violence in Pakistan
Opinion On July 4, the Founders didn't create America; America created the Founders
Turkey and Israel meet secretly: Has reason returned?
Road trips for Fourth of July weekend good idea; gas prices stable
Unemployment rate drops to 9.5 percent, but US economy sheds jobs
Walter Rodgers July 4 is important -- but so is July 3
The Netherlands upsets Brazil, 2-1
Uruguay vs Ghana: Three reasons Uruguay will likely win
Ghana vs Uruguay: Three reasons Ghana will likely win
US-Iran dynamic: Why US effort to leverage Syria is flagging
LeBron James meets with Knicks and Nets as free agency tips off
US-backed loans to expand nuclear power: a boon for overseas jobs?
A newer, cheaper Kindle DX – will it matter?
Old Spice ad man Isaiah Mustafa says, 'Hello, ladies!' (VIDEO)
Japanese sumo scandals threaten to topple Nagoya tournament
Britain halts London airport expansion to curb carbon emissions: a good idea?
Immigration laws should be less restrictive, NYC mayor says
Ghana's World Cup wins disprove those who still think Africa can't play soccer
Germany vs Argentina: Three reasons Germany will likely win
Argentina vs Germany: Three reasons Argentina will likely win
Chelsea Clinton wedding ceremony to be in upstate New York village
Biggest oil spill forces closure of Mississippi Sound to fishing
Opinion Fourth of July and Thoreau remind us that US progress is linked with its ecology
China and World Cup soccer? Let's talk in 2014, says Chinese soccer's new boss
What stigma? Burma (Myanmar) draws energy-hungry neighbors
Young people in Iran likely to blame regime for tougher US sanctions
Life lessons from summer camp
Pakistan questions foreign hand in Sufi shrine attack that kills 50
Laos turns to hydropower to be 'Asia's battery'
Leo and His Circle
Reader recommendation: My Grandfather's Son