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Monitor Articles for July 16, 2010

Oil spill: more tests after slightly low pressure readings
Kisses: movie review
Great Directors: movie review
Lucille Ball auction of love letters to occur after nasty legal battle
Dolphin funeral draws hundreds of humans, but no other dolphins
Dow index falls as big banks make money but not new loans
Carte Goodwin to succeed Senator Byrd - for now
GOP's jobs ideas: Keep Bush tax cuts, freeze regulations
Century-old dinosaur mixup confuses two horned monsters
Gulf oil spill: a muted 'hurrah' across the US as oil stops gushing
Star Trek website now features streaming HD video, Star Trek online store
George Steinbrenner spent big on politics, too
Rupee gets a currency symbol signaling arrival on global economic stage
What's the best political book you've read this year?
Malia Obama's summer: braces, camp, and a growth spurt
Bar Harbor, Maine: five things the Obamas could do on vacation there
Vatican stirs storm on women priests in clarifying law on clergy abuse
University of California considers online bachelor's degree
Alberto Contador strikes hard in Tour de France Stage 12
UFO over Chinese airport [VIDEO]
Droid X reportedly sells out on first day
Mona Lisa examination reveals layers of paint for dreamy quality
Getting things done 101: 5 key things to remember
HIV infections plummet among young adults: UN report
Obama's vacation: Time with the family ... and the nuclear codes
In ruling on artistic expression, some Russians see signs of broader crackdown
As Consumer Price Index falls for third month, deflation risk emerges
Industrial production growth flattening in June
Opinion New ways to accelerate green energy and jobs
Tiger Woods and fellow competitors stopped by high winds at British Open
Should Congress extend the Bush tax cuts?
As wealth rises in India, so do private towns
Opinion Supreme Court's hard line on supporting terrorists is the right line
Pink dolphins are being slaughtered for bait
Finance bill: A mountain of paper, a molehill of reform
Off to Bar Harbor, Maine, Obama ends week on an up note
The Monitor's View Census sets off a battle to redraw voter districts -- and power in Congress
Gulf oil spill: As gusher stops, response playbook is being rewritten
Old Spice ad man to stop giving advice to President Obama
Cambodia women see future in sports and big muscles
Alaskan glacier detaches itself from seafloor, goes rogue
Colombia and Venezuela spar over FARC rebel charges
NASA should use private spaceships, say astronauts
Diaries of Yugoslavia wars fugitive surface
Acadia National Park to host Obama family on vacation. Will it get disrupted?
Gulf oil spill helps put a cap on climate-change debate over using more natural gas
Stock prices still have lower to go
iPhone 4 case might not restore Apple's bruised image
DC earthquake: How often does that happen?
China UFO spotted again. Why skepticism is warranted.
Kellogg cereal recall due to unusual smells in box liners
Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry hit by car; Aerosmith to continue tour
Why a graduate tax is a bad idea
Gulf oil cap holding; BP encouraged
The cold economics of professional wrestling
Just lend and be done with it
Louis Oosthuizen, aka 'Shrek,' takes early 2nd round lead at British Open
South Korea seeks a new way to handle North Korea
Medicare scams totaling $251M result in 36 arrests
Roy Rogers Trigger, along with dog Bullet, sold to Nebraska TV network at auction
One Hundred Years Later, Twain finally speaks his piece
Maryland earthquake shakes up nation's capital
GE shows 16 percent profit growth, ending a streak of decline
Financial reform bill another win for Obama, but will the public care?
Tehran blames US, UK for deadly Iran mosque bombing
India improves its world image with a currency symbol
Family cared for despite unstable employment
Everything Is Broken
Reader recommendation: The Daughter of Time