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Monitor Articles for July 14, 2010

BP tests begin amid hope that Gulf oil spill is ending
Great Lakes states step up pressure on Obama to stop Asian carp
Is stimulus plan working? The arguments pro and con.
Is FCC 'running wild' with its big fines for 'fleeting expletives'?
Derek Fisher staying with Lakers after free agent talks
Will new charging stations spark electric car sales?
NASA chief says agency's goal is Muslim outreach, forgets to mention space
Chupacabra found in Texas: Is it a coyote?
'The Sorcerer's Apprentice': movie review
Scott Brown: Outsize role for a freshman senator nears an end
Did sun eruption spawn zombie satellite?
Congress turns to task of preventing another Gulf oil spill
In Iraq, US hands over Tariq Aziz, other Saddam Hussein-era officials
Tour de France Stage 10: French riders give strong showing for Bastille Day
Semiconductors: Intel Corp. makes best-in-decade profit
Bastille Day features Paris parade, but no presidential garden party
Monkeys and humans more closely related, new species disovery suggests
The Monitor's View US takes stock after Al Shabab terrorist bombings in Uganda
Philippines typhoon turns deadly and cuts off power
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston reunite: What it means for Sarah Palin
Why the White House wants Dems to keep the House – for the most part
How not to act around a monk in Laos
Gaza aid ship heads toward Egypt
What Kandahar residents say about the Afghanistan war: It's complicated
Poly9 reportedly snatched up by Apple. Is a Google Maps competitor on the way?
Steel plant explosion in Pittsburgh area hurts 15
Should airlines disclose all fees?
Getting things done 101: The power of outcome focusing
Opinion McChrystal: What would Eisenhower have done?
Airline fees for baggage and service add to ticket price confusion
Longtime Monitor writer Luix V. Overbea: an appreciation
'Old Spice Guy' takes pitch to YouTube, Twitter
Nasty 'tea party'-NAACP racism feud: Who's right?
Tampa sinkhole, like Guatemala sinkhole, is hardly news to locals
Cutting budget deficit should be top priority, says GOP's Holtz-Eakin
Job search for Americans will be difficult if unemployment benefits aren't extended
Bangladesh arrests are opening act of war crimes tribunal
After South Africa's World Cup, xenophobic threats on the rise
British Open 2010: Five things to watch
Ventura fire, along with two others, keeping California firefighters busy
Yogi Berra, Jerry Seinfeld fondly remember George Steinbrenner
How to cure an economic depression
Leonardo da Vinci painting restoration reveals the master's own hand
Panmunjom talks delayed for 'administrative reasons,' says North Korea
Gulf oil spill: US and BP divided over well test
Jacob Lew knows surpluses. Can he help produce one?
Anna Chapman loses her British citizenship, but not her red hair
George Steinbrenner: Why The Boss was notorious in Japan
Retail sales drop in June
Iran nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri heads home amid propaganda war
Why government intervention won't fix the economy
In Afghanistan, drug rehab for children
Why governing Americans is so hard
Afghanistan war: Manhunt begins for Afghan soldier who killed three British troops
Why Somalia would make Afghanistan seem like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood for US troops
What to do when a Congolese bishop says, 'You must be our voice'
Squabble over $10 billion for teachers delays Afghanistan war money
Italy comes down hard on 'Ndrangheta mafia, arresting 300
How China will -- and won't -- change the world
How China will -- and won't -- change the world
Taliban attacks kill 8 US soldiers within 24 hours
Songs of deliverance for a besieged world
Profiles in Courage: Chats with independent bookstore owners, Part III
The other, powerful Karzai boss in Afghanistan
Claiming Ground
Reader recommendation: American Gothic