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Monitor Articles for July 12, 2010

Is Gulf oil spill gusher contained? New cap appears to be on.
Roman Polanski aside, extraditions to US are on the upswing
Offshore drilling ban: Will revised moratorium appease courts?
Orrin Hatch's 'no' on Elena Kagan a template for GOP opposition
'The Closer' opened doors for women – and for basic cable
Children's advocate decries Roman Polanski release
Can an overloaded Congress get to immigration reform?
iPhone 4 reception issues confirmed by Consumer Reports
HTC EVO 4G fever too much for HTC
Haiti earthquake: Six months later, are relief efforts dragging?
Gulf oil cap will be installed today
Americans' top priority on illegal immigration: visa violators
Sarah Palin: What's she going to do with her $1 million war chest?
Libya's path from desert to modern country – complete with ice rink
A triple-dip recession?
Walter Hawkins, Grammy award-winning gospel singer, dies
Deficits, investment demand and interest rates
Six months after the Haiti earthquake, what progress?
What's on the shelves of Hugo Chávez's socialist supermarket
'Barefoot Bandit' fans flock to Facebook to offer support
Lance Armstrong, beaten, resigned to Tour de France defeat
Why FIFA won't fix World Cup glitches
Opinion poll: Public sides with Arizona over US on new immigration law
Roman Polanski free? European cheers, and jeers
Church of England considering women bishops
Stimulus vs. austerity: the perennial debate
The Monitor's View Look to can-do governors for ideas on jobs and economy
Omar al-Bashir charged by Hague for orchestrating Darfur genocide
Israeli military inquiry finds no wrongdoing in Gaza flotilla raid
Fidel Castro suddenly reappears on Cuban TV
David R. Francis What happened to all that anger over CEO pay?
Tampa sinkhole swallows car, continues to grow [VIDEO]
Iraqi schools, once renowned, still reeling from war
'Barefoot bandit' to face weapons charges in Bahamas
Nicolas Sarkozy addresses France amid L’Oreal campaign scandal
Octopus Paul retires, international dispute over ownership begins
Difference Maker Teacher combats a Colombian youth crisis with dance
Somalia's Al Shabab claims responsibility for Uganda bombings
The mysterious reappearance of Fidel Castro
Roman Polanski freed: Can he travel anywhere?
Huge chunk of ice breaks off of glacier in Greenland
Credit scores sinking for millions of Americans
Japan's new prime minister stumbles over consumption tax
Sarah Palin PAC gave $87,500 to candidates
In New Orleans, Gulf oil spill anger turns to Obama
Octopus Paul to retire from the oracle business
Stephen Colbert tries to take job from illegal immigrant
Offshore drilling chief says he's willing to put oil executives in jail
Roman Polanski set free by Swiss authorities
Media bias: What important stories are the mainstream media ignoring?
Fuel efficiency of 100 mpg? One team left in $5 million ultra-fuel-efficiency contest.
Why North Korea Cheonan sinking gets wrist slap from UN
Will Libya aid ship force more changes to Israel's Gaza blockade?
Tylenol recall prompts federal lawsuit for fraud and racketeering
Total solar eclipse blots out sun, amazes skywatchers
Spain celebrates World Cup win; Dutch blame Paul the Octopus
Jimmy Buffett beach show draws crowd on oil coast
Russian art curators fined for controversial images of Jesus
Foreclosure crisis phase 2: The negative equity dilemma
Opinion A business solution to Haiti's poverty
Opinion Obama's bigger problem with the Gulf oil spill: you
Lessons from the Gulf oil spill: New technology will help future drilling
Profiles in Courage: Chats with independent bookstore owners, Part I
Uganda bombing: Al Shabab suicide bombers attack during World Cup final
The new buzz word: alternative yield
Setting goals with your partner
The federal debt enabler
The vanishing American consumer and the coming trade war
Keeping the genie in the bottle
Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris
Reader recommendation: A Thread of Sky
Adultery, stonings, compassion, and redemption