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Monitor Articles for June 9, 2010

Blanche Lincoln held on in Arkansas, but hears 'tea party' footsteps
Obama wants more money for Afghanistan war. Will Congress grant it?
BP buys 'oil spill,' related Internet search terms to manage message
Can UN's latest Iran sanctions be a game-changer?
BP takes Gulf oil spill heat, but what about other companies?
Bernanke sees 'subdued' inflation but persistent unemployment
BP's gulf oil spill response plan lists the walrus as a local species. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is furious.
Why is PlayStation Network down? Sony needs a personal day.
Barbara Kingsolver wins the Orange Prize for "The Lacuna"
Did Mars once have oceans? New evidence says yes.
More workers quit their jobs, and that's good news for the economy
Mortgage rates continue to drop
Gulf oil spill: Why BP's cap success is turning sour
Tehran defiant as UN passes tough Iran nuclear sanctions
Opinion College men need to recognize the macho culture for what it really is: insecurity
South Carolina US Senate candidate Alvin Greene facing felony charge
Portal 2 release date delayed due to 'public safety concerns'
Gulf oil spill: To control message, BP buys search terms from Google
Senators' quandary in BP oil spill hearing: safety vs. jobs
'Gladiator graveyard' discovered in England
Renewable energy pioneer wins prestigious technology prize
Walter Rodgers Rift between Israel and the United States: Flotilla incident didn't help
The Internet probably won't turn you into a hermit, study finds
Are deficit reduction and job creation mutually exclusive?
UN sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program: Why did China go along?
San Francisco, Los Angeles prosecutors face off in race to replace California Attorney General Jerry Brown
Ex-attorney Scott Rothstein sentenced to 50 years for Ponzi scheme
Why Israel ignores global criticism of Gaza flotilla raid
Obama's fourth trip to the Gulf Coast since the BP oil spill: What more can a president do?
UN Security Council approves new, 'binding' Iran sanctions
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of May 31, 2010
Saturn's weird-looking moons formed from its rings, study finds
Iran sanctions: Iran's nuclear program timeline
Science of bursting bubbles has its bubble burst
Israel to allow soda into Gaza, but not rebuilding materials
Carly Fiorina wins US Senate GOP primary in California
Skywatchers rejoice! Galaxy hunting season is open.
NASA will launch your name and photo into outer space for free
Anybody got a Rio Ferdinand? World Cup causes sticker madness in Brazil.
Female whales can form friendships lasting years
'Back to Future,' 'Jurassic Park' to become video games
Global mystery: Why are snakes dying off?
Face in Space: NASA offers to fly your picture on the space shuttle
Why a high tax-to-GDP rate won't spur growth
Archaeologists discover beehives from ancient Israel
America walks diplomatic tightrope with pro-business, yet authoritarian Rwanda
More Stieg Larsson for his fans?
World Cup robberies: Six tips for a safe visit to South Africa
Stock prices climb higher after Fed chairman says recovery continuing
World Cup 2010: South Africans ready for 'Bafana Bafana' ready to 'surprise the world'
South Africa deports Argentina's 'barra brava' hooligans from World Cup
Sex scandal mars runup to World Cup for South Africa President Jacob Zuma
Are Rwandan Tutsis carving out a mini-state in eastern Congo?
Andrea Pirlo, Didier Drogba – Who else may miss parts of the World Cup?
India's 2010 census considers taboo question: What's your caste?
Peruvian police plan to visit murder scene with suspect Joran van der Sloot
American millionaire space tourist wants to fly again
South Pole revisited in 'Race to the End of the Earth'
You can rent President Obama's New York apartment for only $1,900 a month
In deficit reduction, focus on reforming the state
By silencing activists like Tan Zuoren, China shows who's in control. Right?
Why government spending won't stave off a correction
Why Peru's police need Joran van der Sloot to reenact killing
The Monitor's View Women shine in Tuesday's primaries, especially for the GOP
Interview with Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: Can peace talks succeed?
Blanche Lincoln in surprise win in Arkansas; GOP women triumph, too
Britain's budget cutter George Osborne: Let's follow the Canadian model
In Nevada US Senate race, it'll be Harry Reid vs. Sharron Angle
Nikki Haley in South Carolina runoff
Militants torch NATO supply trucks en route from Pakistan to Afghanistan
A pitcher, an umpire, and a lesson in grace
Bonobo Handshake
Reader recommendation: Great Expectations