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Monitor Articles for June 8, 2010

What BP needs to do to salvage its oil-drenched image
Pau Gasol, Lakers-Celtics, and the outsourcing of the NBA Finals
Unsure how to vote in California primary election, many turn to Twitter
Michelle Obama's next childhood obesity target: summer break
Newly discovered comet visible in morning sky
TBS touts Conan O'Brien for an Emmy -- for his work on NBC
iPhone 4 review roundup: Apple versus the competition
Waiting (impatiently) on George R.R. Martin
Broadway musicals: The new jukebox heroes
She sees the places to go, he the reasons to stay as they journey separate way
Top Picks: 'Expedition Great White,' Ron Galella documentary, a look at Old Havana, and more recommendations
Yuck!!! Galileo's fingers go on display in Florence museum
Why is Obama still pushing health-care reform?
Nikki Haley: Fresh face for South Carolina or more of the same?
Google quietly introduces World Cup easter egg
Thatcher II? Britain poised to slash budgets, government's role.
GM recall: Is your car on the list?
Arrests in US, Yemen sharpen focus on 'homegrown terrorism'
Why Iran's Revolutionary Guard wants to escort new Gaza flotilla
DirecTV/Direct TV customer service: Glitch is fixed
Wait, bananas grow in Iceland?!
Is it okay to give your dog human name?
Verbal Energy The real regular and the new normal
In the zone at Antoni Gaudí's famous unfinished cathedral
The Starling's Dance
NASA plans to boldly go to the Arctic
The Monitor's View Europe gets down to the details of curbing deficits and debt
What's next for Microsoft Bing?
Will Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman make history in California primary?
Never mind the 'Freedom Flotilla.' Is Israel's Gaza blockade legal?
Polls open in Nevada; will Harry Reid's challenger be tea partier Sharron Angle
Voters choose fall matchups, decide fates of Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter
Small bonus in McDonalds Shrek glasses recall: $3 refund for $2 glass
GM recalls 1.5 million vehicles over fire threat from windshield washer fluid heat system
A bull market eulogy
Gulf oil spill: Why is it so hard to stop?
Van der Sloot confession: Peruvians now warn women of 'psychopath' foreigners
President Obama says MLB was right in not awarding perfect game to Galarraga
Thailand cites plots against king for clampdown on red-shirt dissent
DVR glitch floods DirecTV customer service
BP live feed doesn't lie: Is BP oil spill plume worse than before?
Hall and Oates say no to Arizona immigration law and concert
North Korea: What does Kim Jong-il's heir apparent look like?
Amidst chaos, Obama must take charge
Mexico mass grave highlights gruesome drug war
Americans sleepier than Europeans
iPhone changed the smartphone game and will do it again
World Cup Schedule: over 60 matches to determine the best in the world
Nikki Haley in tough fight for South Carolina GOP primary in governor's race
Morgan Freeman to host new TV program on space exploration
In South Africa, 
soccer dreams do come true
Doesn't Harry Potter really belong in London?
Gulf oil spill: How would you stop it?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warns West not to miss last Iran nuclear 'opportunity'
US places No. 85 -- behind Libya -- in Global Peace Index
Medieval makes way for modern in Valletta, Malta
John Hughes Gulf oil spill could mark a turning point for Obama
Joran van der Sloot confesses to Peru killing, but will he get off easy?
President Obama says Israel remarks by Helen Thomas 'offensive'
Indians outraged by Bhopal gas verdict prepare counterpunch
Opinion Four reasons the US could get Israel to talk about a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction
Can South Africa afford the World Cup?
Length of unemployment reaches Great Depression levels
Obama to graduates at Kalamazoo Central High: Work hard to help society
Japan's Naoto Kan promises fresh start with new cabinet
China blames North Korea for killing three of its citizens
Finding a fresh start after job loss
The Price of Stones
Reader recommendation: Days of Grace