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Monitor Articles for June 7, 2010

The new iPhone 4, inside and out
Has Blanche Lincoln lost the women's vote in Senate race?
New Jersey terror plot: another airport arrest is no coincidence
Tuesday primaries: Year of the Republican woman dawning?
Obama at Kalamazoo Central High School: How did it win the honor?
Los Angeles cuts back on medical marijuana dispensaries
Silver lining in the Dow's drop: record low mortgage rates
Gulf oil spill: Louisiana's berm plan bold but full of uncertainty
How to rebuild after a flood, without busting your small business budget
Asteroid Probe is a step closer to returning home
Jupiter got smacked. Again.
US cluster bombs in Yemen: The right weapon in Al Qaeda fight?
The cruise business, post-financial meltdown
Peru police say evidence mounts against Dutchman Joran van der Sloot
At annual meeting, Christian Scientists celebrate 'pearl of great price'
White House columnist Helen Thomas resigns over Israel remarks
South Korea to attempt first space launch Wednesday
A look at the iPhone 4's impressive new features
Author interview with Evan Thomas: "War has a terrible, seductive appeal."
Technology that translates, and unites
Border mediation with Slovenia could help Croatia join European Union
Helen Thomas retires in flap over Israel remarks
Sprint EVO 4G breaks sales record, despite snags
Sri Lanka, UN duel over wartime investigations
Steve Jobs: iBooks is already a big player in the digital book world
Ban plastic bags in California? It's not so hard to adjust.
The number of long-term unemployed workers continues to swell
Tom Cruise wows MTV Music Awards; "Twilight" wins five prizes
Soldier arrested in WikiLeaks classified Iraq video case
Free cookies at New tack for Nabisco?
Discovery on Saturn's moon fuels speculation of alien life
Why some Jews would rather live in Siberia than Israel
Australia UFO sightings: Was that the Falcon 9 rocket?
Another giant Guatemala sinkhole? Geologists brace for it.
Why Britain must balance its budget through reform, not cuts
Children of Argentina media magnate forced to undergo DNA testing
Steve Jobs to announce iPhone 4 is better, stronger, faster
Chrysler recalls nearly 700,000 minivans and Jeeps, citing brake and wiring problems
John Wooden honored by moment of silence at Lakers - Celtics game
It turns out Walt Whitman was right about those giant meteors
The Monitor's View Opportunity in Africa at its first World Cup
North Korea: New clues about who will replace Kim Jong-il
Why BP should deny everything and brace for impact
Biden says US looking at 'new ways' to address Israel's Gaza blockade
Santa Monica earthquake: 'Brief and mild' undersea temblor shakes up residents
Officials say deadly Ohio tornado damage to cost at least $100 million
World Cup 2010: South Africa deports Argentina's 'barra brava' hooligans
'I love my Prophet,' and other t-shirts that redefine Islamic clothing
Andrea Pirlo, Didier Drogba: Why many key players may miss World Cup 2010
White House criticizes Helen Thomas for Israel remarks
Helen Thomas: Should she have just kept her thoughts about Israel quiet?
NASA searching for what's left of 60 lb. meteor that streaked across Alabama sky
As BP oil spill spreads, 1,500 fishing boats to aid relief
Will Gaza flotilla raid mark end of Turkey-Israel relations?
Farmville on Yahoo? Yahoo and Facebook strike alliance.
Coast Guard says oil spill cap is now collecting thousands of gallons
Tornadoes rip through Ohio
Study finds that giant crocodiles are actually pretty good surfers
Widows unite to cope with horrors of Somalia's Al Shabab
After oil spill cleanup, will we tighten the laws?
Is "Bree Tanner" failing to fly off the shelves?
Difference Maker In Syria, the fight for women's rights means helping both genders
Opinion Elena Kagan and the consequences of consequentialist thinking
David R. Francis Why letting Greece default would be cheaper than a bailout
WWDC 2010: When is the new iPhone 4G keynote?
Global Viewpoint Turkey’s emergence as a center power in the Middle East is a game changer
Global Viewpoint The rise of Japan’s new Prime Minister Naoto Kan, and lessons for China
Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei warns opposition ahead of key anniversary
World Cup stampede renews concern over South Africa's preparedness
States cap workers benefits to reduce shortfalls: Is your pension fund at risk?
CEO Tony Hayward: BP will clean up the Gulf oil spill
Bhopal gas trial convicts eight in India, but disappoints activists
Small earthquake strikes near Los Angeles off California coast
New Jersey men arrested at JFK on way to join Al Shabab in Somalia
The Facebook Effect
Reader recommendation: The Long Secret
A healing answer to the Gulf oil spill
Opinion Why you should take the time to master a single skill
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Rep. Van Hollen