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Monitor Articles for June 5, 2010

Economic impact of sports? Don't believe the hype.
Getting things done 101: five stages of mastering work flow
Key lawmakers resist Obama's pick of Clapper as intelligence chief
Paul McCartney sings "I love you, I love you" to Michelle Obama
Jimmy Buffett to launch Margaritaville Hotel on Pensacola Beach despite oil spill
What to do when you can't afford your pet
Enter the no-spin zone of the deep: the BP live feed
How I remember Coach John Wooden
Huge fireball slams into Jupiter, impact caught on video
MLB's Selig makes the right call on baseball's blown call
Obama taps inner memoirist to tell BP oil spill story
John Wooden: Lessons for basketball and life
Why we should increase labor subsititution in baseball
Take charge of Gulf oil spill? Just do it, Mr. President.
Vacation is back in vogue: Where are Americans going this summer?
As 'new media' proliferate, does government have a role?
US is falling Into a double-dip recession