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Monitor Articles for June 29, 2010

Hurricane Alex, first of 2010 season, heads for Texas, Mexico
At hearings, Elena Kagan defends approach to military recruiting
Hurricane season bears down on BP Gulf oil spill
Obama wants 'price' on carbon emissions. Republicans see 'tax.'
Study: On average, charter schools do no better than public schools
Russian spies: High-tech gear, plus old Cold War methods
Hulu Plus brings paid subscription plan to online TV service
Tesla Motors IPO a win, but road ahead is bumpy
Saudi Arabia wants US to pressure Israel on peace in the Middle East
Verizon iPhone? Report says Verizon will carry iPhone in 2011
Terrafugia flying car gets FAA clearance (VIDEO)
US home prices up in April from March but don't get too optimistic
Greece debt: Government sees hope in privatization despite protests
Death of mixed martial arts fighter another black eye for the sport
Tesla Motors (TSLA) is no Ford – yet
Spain vs. Portugal: Where was Cristiano Ronaldo?
G20 meeting no-show: the case for growth
iPhone 'death grip' lawsuit is in the works
Tsvetana Pironkova upsets Venus Williams in Wimbledon quarterfinals
White elephant captured in the jungles of northwestern Myanmar
Hurricane Alex (soon to be named) halts skimming operations off Gulf Coast
Consumer confidence slumps badly on falling stock prices and no new jobs
Tesla IPO: Tracking the 'green economy' in real time
Gulf oil spill: The story so far
Lance Armstrong tweets adios to Tour de France
Flying Car -- just like the Jetsons -- gets green light from FAA (VIDEO)
Sprint HTC EVO 4G mobile phone has spot shortages, due to demand
Plunging Dow, consumer confidence: signs of 'double dip' recession?
Stephen Hawking book 'The Grand Design' out in September
Russian spies case: There goes the 'reset' of US-Russia relations?
Joran Van der Sloot confession is valid rules Peru judge
Recipe for recovery: Short-term spending and long-term saving
The Monitor's View General Petraeus wisely stays the course in Afghanistan
General Petraeus: US troops to remain in Afghanistan for years
Supreme Court allows drug test case against Pfizer to proceed
Google stops routing Chinese users to Hong Kong after Beijing objects
Medical marijuana user sues Walmart over firing
Dell computers sees revenue growth in line with forecasts
Iran nuclear fuel swap: What's happening now
Superman celebrates his 700th issue – with a visit to your hometown?
Frozen custard commando! Joe Biden scoops custard in Wisconsin
Sea turtles: wildlife experts set to collect and move eggs away from Gulf oil spill
King Kong comes back to life in 'King Kong 360 3-D' at Universal Studios
Tesla IPO: Are electric vehicles here to stay?
Elena Kagan says she 'reveres' the military. GOP not convinced.
Bear attack in Kentucky; bear still at large
Abby Sunderland happy to be home, but sad sailing trip ended
Syria courts Latin America for oil, trade, and expats
Tesla IPO 2010: Tesla Motors stocks rise in public trading debut
NFL teams up with Nickelodeon for cartoon series
Instant replay? Some World Cup refs ready to embrace technology
Oliver Stone film on Hugo Chávez flops with Venezuelans
'Toy Story 3' tops Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise with $59 million
Japan vs Paraguay: Penalty-kick heartbreak for Japan, but Asian soccer on the rise
'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' is not dreadfully dumb, but still pretty dumb
BP boycott: BP tells local gas station owners help is on the way
Afghanistan war: General Petraeus rethinking rules of engagement
Michael Jackson statue not wanted in Czech Republic
Russian spies: US case could derail Medvedev, boost Putin
Archimedes' flaming death ray was probably just a cannon, study finds
Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter
Reader recommendation: Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography
Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga rule Forbes' Celebrity Power list
'Programmable matter' can fold itself into an origami airplane
iPhone 4 review: Screen is 'doubly' awesome; camera & battery better
Kashmir protests: Three protesters die at anti-India rally
As World Cup heats up, South Africa vendors' sales fall
Young adult Christian literature gets the nod from Slate
Obama and Bernanke agree on US economy strengthening
'Cloud music' firms enter mobile streaming market; MOG and Rdio launched
Tropical Storm Alex could bring good news to Gulf oil spill?
Cristiano Ronaldo a big yawn at World Cup so far, but not for long
China military exercise not aimed at US and South Korea, Chinese officials say
Israel foreign minister: No Palestinian state by 2012
The stimulus hasn't fixed the economy. What will?
Opinion World Cup 2010: Closer to the finals, closer to world support for Africa
World Cup referees debacle forces FIFA's Sepp Blatter to reopen debate on technology
Opinion 15 questions for Elena Kagan
Why the Coalition government should restrict EU regulation
Abby Sunderland returning home
Berlusconi attacker found unfit for trial
China, Taiwan forge strongest ties yet with sweeping trade deal
Hamas spy finds home in California, seeks asylum
Home prices climb in April from March on tax credit push
Chicago gun ban on way out, but mayor vows fight
Greece riot attacks country's austerity measures
Florida shooting: Two police officers killed in Tampa
World Cup schedule Tuesday: Paraguay vs Japan, Spain vs Portugal
G20 Summit: Welcoming the failure of the economic recovery team
Russian spies arrest by US 'baseless and improper,' says Russia
Why Republicans are treading lightly in Elena Kagan hearings
Deadliest month yet for NATO in Afghanistan
Foreigners doing business in China feel boxed out: report
The wisdom of Solomon, and justice today
Obama space policy goes international
General Petraeus hearing to put Afghanistan war, not him, in hot seat
Tropical Storm Alex expected to become a hurricane Tuesday
World Cup: US rates poor performance evaluation