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Monitor Articles for June 22, 2010

Senate Democrats to Obama on energy bill: Help us
'Twilight Saga', 'True Blood': New twist on old vampire love tale
California faces $19 billion budget deficit despite massive cuts
Space shuttle: NASA wants to delay final two missions
Gulf oil spill: Judge slams Obama's drilling moratorium, blocks it
Another thing humans are good at: Biting
Ingredients for life detected in deep space
Tom Cruise: Hollywood superstar or jump-on-Oprah's-couch weirdo?
Swedish oil company under scrutiny after Sudan war crimes report
Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Montana spur early warning system
Argentina beats Greece, 2-0, even with seven starters sitting out
South Korea vs. Nigeria: Near misses ruin Super Eagles' World Cup hopes
With Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, will South Carolina runoffs make history?
Why a tightened defense budget would improve national security
As a child she believed her father could fix anything, even the moon
Language lessons for an American in Seoul
Happy Meals not so happy? Happy Meal toys come under fire.
General McChrystal: Rolling Stone story a sign of frustration?
General McChrystal's Rolling Stone gaffe gets shrugs on front lines
Obama dismisses health-care reform repeal: 'I refuse to go back'
Is the moon radioactive? Lunar map shows low amounts of uranium.
For the Cause
Her bumper crop of plant pots
This G-20 summit needs the cool breezes of the real Bretton Woods
Water on Mars first discovered 10 years ago. Is it still there?
The Monitor's View Obama builds on Bush success to help the homeless
Oil drilling CEO Hayward gets no sympathy. Does he deserve some?
Green Hornet: A new twist or same old Hollywood garbage?
A no-jobs jobs bill?
Faisal Shahzad, Times Square car bomber, details his chilling plot
Elena Kagan: former solicitors general back Supreme Court nominee
Russia's Medvedev to sign international adoption accord
Verizon iPhone coming as soon as Apple is ready, says CEO
New Xbox 360 automatically shuts down before overheating
Immigration debate: fight brewing between ACLU and Nebraska town
The battle to solve California's foreclosure epidemic
Home sales report for May could signal economic downturn
Should President Obama fire General McChrystal?
Michael Jackson Mom OK with fan tribute; says Michael would be 'honored'
Sea turtles followed to learn how to protect endangered species
Queen Elizabeth II accepts support freeze; Europe's faces tough cuts
Peter Orszag: Departure illustrates US fiscal woes
Nintendo 3D home console could follow Nintendo 3DS
Tony Hayward hands over BP oil spill operation; BP shares fall
After escaping flotilla uproar, Israel faces new flap over Jerusalem
Brazil floods kill at least 38; hundreds missing
Mark Sanford disappears again? This time no 'Appalachian Trail' claim though.
Aurora Australis: Amazing light show seen from space
Venus Williams wins first-round match at Wimbledon
Green Hornet trailer now online
Gulf oil spill: Americans pitch their ideas for cleaning it up
A bigger threat to Iraq than Al Qaeda? Power cuts.
General McChrystal: What will Obama do with 'the runaway general'?
Joran van der Sloot says he's receiving marriage offers
World Cup France vs. South Africa: Bafana Bafana 2-1 win adds to France's misery
iPad sales continue to soar; now over 3 million sold
UK budget 2010: New era of austerity in Europe?
Indiana flooding: Storms pelt Midwest, causing widespread flash flooding
Why Iran vs. Israel rhetoric could escalate into war
Roger Federer, Marcos Daniel, and other Dads compete at Wimbledon
John Glenn says Obama should continue space shuttle program
'American Idol' lowers age limit: what is too young for TV?
The demise of American engineering? Hardly
Crane collapse trial for NYC rigger set to open
DNA evidence: New York law would be first to add all criminals to DNA database
An Israeli tycoon, the Virgin Islands, and Africa's blood diamonds
Looking for a bargain on an e-reader? Prices drop on both Kindle and Nook
Jellyfish-like star spotted in the sky
Opinion How Japan can save face -- and whales
France vs. South Africa: France's World Cup bid on the line
Opinion World debt and the Gulf oil spill should spur a Green New Deal
How I feted the FĂȘte de la Musique at the Shanghai Expo
Oil drilling ban has Transocean boss Steven Newman criticizing Obama
Preparing for the unpredictable
Africa's blood diamonds, bloody still
France's World Cup soccer woes rock French society
Mexico vs. Uruguay: Will they play for a tie?
South Africa World Cup baby names: Moms choose Fifa, Bafana, and Soccer City
Peter Orszag to step down; White House Budget Director exiting in months
Mexico vs. Uruguay 2010 starts World Cup schedule Tuesday
Rolling Stone fiasco: Gen. Stanley McChrystal summoned to White House
Medvedev visit to Silicon Valley: Russia looks beyond an oil-and-gas economy
Gulf oil spill: Can earth survive the disaster?
Immigration debate: Nebraska town passes tough immigration law; ACLU to file lawsuit
Beyond the government 'pork' pie
Jerry Brown stresses his frugality (but doesn't mention his $1.8 million house)
Istanbul bomb attack kills 4; Kurdish PKK rebels fingered
Merchants of Doubt
Reader recommendation: Every Last One
Florida homes: Will luxury real estate ever rise again?
E-Reader price war! Amazon cuts Kindle price to $189 after Nook move
Joran van der Sloot says he signed murder confession in 'blind panic'
Hurricane Celia upgraded to Category 2 hurricane