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Monitor Articles for June 21, 2010

China money move: Beijing addresses a glaring weakness
Schultz fire near Flagstaff, Arizona now over 10,000 acres
Ansel Adams: Photo of Yosemite taken by Ansel Adams sells for more than $722,000
Leonard Nimoy honored by the town of Vulcan
Faisal Shahzad calls Times Square bomb plot 'war,' pleads guilty
Russia's Medvedev on Silicon Valley reconnaissance mission
Cases of WikiLeaks and other leaks: Worth prosecuting?
Louisiana backs oil industry, wants drilling moratorium thrown out
Currency charts new course? Wall Street skeptical of China's yuan move
Supreme Court ruling barring aid to terrorist groups: why some lament it
North Carolina runoff challenge: make Democrats care
Father's Day: For Obama, more than just a card and tie
California license plates could soon carry advertising
Fannie and Freddie: Homeownership at whose expense?
Rahm Emanuel apparently sought to trade favors with Blagojevich, new emails reveal
Spain vs. Honduras: Red Fury unleashed in 2-0 win over Honduras
Supreme Court ruling on antiterror law: When is working with terrorists OK?
Gulf oil spill: Five numbers that could sink BP CEO Hayward
Counterterrorism help from Pakistan is insufficient, report finds
Joe Barton's big business apology
Gulf oil spill biggest victims are the smallest creatures
Joran van der Sloot won't talk to judge; retracts murder confession
Mars cave, shrouded in mystery, discovered by a group of seventh-graders
The weed empire strikes back
Michael Jackson children just like normal kids, says attorney
Ocean 'conveyor belt' isn't as simple as it sounds
Credit-card deals become harder to find
Supreme Court upholds controversial part of Patriot Act
iPhone app campaigning? Candidates turning to phone apps
Gaza blockade: Ship gets permission to sail to Cyprus from Lebanon
Summer solstice: Did a rampaging planet create Earth's seasons?
Nook news: Barnes & Noble introduces cheaper, Wi-Fi-only tablet
iOS 4 release time has arrived. Here's how to install it.
Just like Voltron! Robots combine to form larger flying machine.
Chinese currency: why Americans should care if yuan is revalued
Nook, in new wi-fi form, is released by Barnes and Noble
Offshore oil drilling protest: Companies tell judge 'no more'
Graeme McDowell holds off Woods, Mickelson, Els to win U.S. Open
Creating art from birds, bugs, and bones
'Why design now?' explores ways to solve problems with innovative design.
Wimbledon tennis: Roger Federer nearly upset on opening day
Massive blob of scorching magma discovered under southern Africa
The Monitor's View China's revaluation of the yuan: Is it a yawn or for real?
Unemployment rate: Michigan, Nevada trade places as No. 1 jobless state
Difference Maker A horse rescuer who saves thoroughbreds headed to slaughterhouses
Chimpanzee gangs fight and kill for land, new research suggests
Gallup poll shows just how pumped Republicans are for midterms
Shark attacks? Humans kill sharks in far greater numbers.
Israel's easing of Gaza blockade doesn't address banking, travel rules
'Monster' black holes light up when galaxies collide
Why Russia is cutting off gas supplies to Belarus
Joran van der Sloot retracts murder confession
David R. Francis After BP oil spill, 'peak' oil seems nearer than ever
Shultz fire outside of Flagstaff, Arizona reaches 8,800 acres
Hurricane Celia churns toward open ocean off Mexico's Pacific coast
Space junk close to International Space Station; new astronauts arrive
First day of summer in Iraq signals hot, violent months ahead
Summer solstice: How to celebrate even if you're stuck indoors
Opinion Obama’s extension of Father's Day is a helpful reminder of how much dads matter
Should your child be learning the art of slow reading?
Poland election: Komorowski and Kaczynski to face each other in run-off
Human spaceflight: Lawmakers demand NASA documents
Opinion How to help a kid beat a bully: soft defense
Portugal vs. North Korea: How the World Cup's first goal fest unfolded
Canyon formation: Recent gusher suggests that canyons can form very quickly
BP oil spill: How will it affect the Obama presidency?
Summer solstice: Why summer begins Monday
Nicolas Sarkozy steps in to quash France's World Cup feud
After Colombia election win, Juan Manuel Santos seeks to build on Uribe era
Billings tornado: Montana police guard zone damaged by tornado
John Hughes Turkey is critical to a more moderate Islam
US military focuses on development, but does it take the right approach?
Portugal crushes North Korea to start World Cup schedule Monday
In Afghanistan, a cop who hands out money, instead of taking bribes
BP oil spill has cost company $2 billion so far
The US role in the rise of China
Iran bars two UN weapons inspectors for spreading 'false information'
The Shallows
Reader recommendation: The Lucky One
Summer solstice arrives; new agers celebrate at Stonehenge
Tiger Woods no longer man of steel; shoots bloated 75 on Sunday
Education's higher call
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with US Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue