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Monitor Articles for June 16, 2010

Is it right to use a return policy to get a discount?
Chicago schools face budget cuts. Will teachers’ union budge?
Gulf oil spill: Will Obama regret his '90 percent' promise?
New Obama-backed stimulus package fails in Senate vote
Climate-energy bill cost for consumers: up to $146 a year
Meteor storm from passing comet could threaten spacecraft
Kenneth Feinberg: Will he be fairer and faster than BP?
UN condemns Somalia's use of child soldiers, but US aid still flows
South Africa World Cup hopes dashed by Diego Forlan brace
Agent Orange: $300 million price tag to cope with Agent Orange in Vietnam
Fannie Mae (FMN) relief program could help homeowners hurt by oil spill
Sharron Angle too 'radical' for Nevada GOP strategist
Kid extracts loose tooth with model rocket [VIDEO]
The bedbug can breathe easy in Ohio; Feds won't OK bedbug killer
'Wicked Lasers' new laser can set body parts ablaze (and is handy around the office)
Does the US need more economic stimulus, or less?
Draconid meteor shower: NASA prepares for potentially damaging 2011 meteor shower
Playstation Move vs. Microsoft Kinect vs. Nintendo 3DS: The war is on
Pebble Beach to host 2019 US Open for club's centennial
Gay marriage Prop. 8 trial enters last phase before ruling
Alien species could damage Antarctic ecosystems
Unmanned aerial vehicles give troops an airborne assist
Supertasters tend to crave salt, study finds
Jones Act: Does Gulf oil spill cleanup need more foreign boats?
Killed Outlaws gang member Thomas 'Tomcat' Mayne was suspect in shooting
Gaza flotilla raid: Will it change Turkey's regional role?
Billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffett want other billionaires to donate more to charity
Soweto uprising in South Africa remembered 34 years later during World Cup
Motorcycle gang crackdown ensares Connecticut GOP official
Caravaggio's bones discovered, Italian researchers believe
Army shifts back to buttons. Is Velcro losing its grip?
Kobe Bryant and the Lakers destroy Boston Celtics; Game 7 next
BP quarterly dividend will be suspended due to BP oil spill
Tropical storm warning: Tropical depression forms off Mexico's coast
The Monitor's View NATO rethinks its mission, perhaps too reluctantly
Albert Haynesworth: Washington Redskins teammates call him selfish for skipping minicamp
Summer camp: a global look, from barbed wire to books
Monitor Breakfast Tea Party's Dick Armey slams Obama's BP oil spill response
With Whitman and Fiorina, can GOP compete again in California?
South Africa vs. Uruguay: Goalkeeper Khune will be key to Bafana Bafana's success
Yahya Wehelie, American man stuck in Egypt due to no-fly list
Ronnie Lee Gardner execution: firing squads are humane say some experts
Bringing a woman's touch to truck driving in Australia
Bloomsday: Apple reverses course on controversial Ulysses Seen iPad app
Obama speech on Gulf oil spill and climate change: Why hard cost figures are needed
Flash floods near French Riviera leave at least 19 dead
Cap and trade: Senator criticizes President Obama for oil spill linkage
US objects to China-Pakistan nuclear deal. Hypocritical?
Gulf oil spill: why the US wants a healthy BP
Israeli blockade of Gaza: What would you change?
Deadliest Catch to honor Capt. Phil Harris
iPhone 4 mania! More than 600,000 iPhone 4 devices ordered in one day
iPhone 4 preorder date pushed back after reports of security breach at AT&T
Mac mini: Apple launches new version with better graphics performance
BP oil spill: Expect to pay more at the plate for shrimp
Hearing aid lawsuit: Pennsylvania man with hearing aids sues over police denial
Spain vs. Switzerland: Mighty Spanish fall in World Cup’s first upset
After Gaza flotilla raid, Israel close to easing Gaza blockade
BP CEO Tony Hayward meets with Obama at White House
Summer camp: Sunset for an American tradition?
BP oil spill: After meeting Obama, BP agrees to $20 billion fund for spill victims
Phil Mickelson at Pebble Beach: Hoping to finally win a US Open
Gary Brooks Faulkner: Was 'American ninja' working for CIA?
Jaguars and how they hunt: Scientists equip jaguars with GPS collars
For Father's Day: 10 books about fatherhood
World War II MIAs: Researcher says he has ID'd seven soldiers missing in action from WWII
SpaceX signs largest-ever commercial rocket launch deal (Falcon 9 will be busy)
Ronnie Lee Gardner, Utah death-row inmate facing firing squad, denied federal stay
Marijuana bust in Ohio: 500 pounds of pot found in 13 suitcases
Hugo Chávez sees support fade, even in Venezuela strongholds
Fort Gordon vehicle found with explosives inside; civilian arrested
Gary Brooks Faulkner: quixotic bounty hunter, secret agent, or hero?
Climate change may cause Alps to become more dangerous, study suggests
South Africa World Cup: Why stadium security guards are on strike
Opinion Sanctions aren’t always the answer: Robert Mugabe is using them to his advantage
Home construction plunges in May after government incentives end
New home starts slow as tax credit expires
Kyrgyzstan riots led to ethnic cleansing; government blames Bakiyev
Mexico drug war: Has Felipe Calderón lost control?
Opinion A good example of Obama's warning about the media focusing on 'sexier' stories
E3 2010: Sony touts 3D, motion-control via PlayStation Move at E3
New International Space Station crew blasts off on Soyuz rocket
World Cup schedule June 16: Spain vs. Switzerland, others
Iran plans more powerful nuclear reactor
SpaceX signs satellite deal with Iridium; Falcon 9 rocket to carry satellites
Unruly mob causes New York City outdoor concert to be canceled
Obama Oval Office address does not push fiscally sound energy policy
iPhone problems: Apple, AT&T hit with glitches on new iPhone orders
Obama speech on BP oil spill a call to action for clean energy
Labor unrest likely to continue in Britain
Obama’s Oval Office address: A missed opportunity
North Korea brandishes threats as UN debates Cheonan sinking
NBA finals: looking for foreign players like Pau Gasol of the Lakers
A wedding gift
Israeli diplomat expelled from Ireland over Dubai assassination plot
The Icarus Syndrome
Reader recommendation: End of the Line