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Monitor Articles for June 15, 2010

Book review: The New Frugality
Oil spill could be Gulf's biggest ever, new flow estimate suggests
Top law school deans endorse Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan
US opposes ICC bid to make 'aggression' a crime under international law
Gulf seafood safety inspections ramp up as oil spill spreads
Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Force is with sequels
Gulf oil spill: Al Gore slams BP for lack of media access
Outlaws motorcycle gang in shootout with ATF; 1 biker killed
Five big decisions as House, Senate confer on financial reform
NBA finals: Where in the world will the next Pau Gasol come from?
Gulf oil spill: What's the impact on national parks?
'Grand Theft Auto' causes teenagers to be bad drivers?
Brazil vs. North Korea: Kim Jong Il's soccer soldiers hold firm, deny Brazil goal fest
Why African cities turn to Ivory Coast boat buses
Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse won't be a rat in upcoming Wii video game.
Lawmakers slam Big Oil executives on spill preparedness
What BP's partners are doing in Gulf oil spill cleanup
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry
Volkswagen Jetta: 2011 model will be cheaper (and more legroom too)
Government spending and the façade of a successful economy
Thomas Kinkade, 'Painter of Light' arrested for alleged DUI
Four potential exploration sites for future Mars probe
Water on Mars? Scientists say gigantic ocean used to cover one-third of Mars.
Tim Scott: Can a black Republican win in South Carolina?
What lawmakers can learn from the DC Metro system's fare schedule
Obama’s Oval Office moment: Now he owns Gulf oil spill
Ted Kennedy FBI files: How serious were the death threats?
Ship fire briefly halts BP oil capture in Gulf
Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo's new handheld offers 3D without the glasses
Peering into the honeybee's world of elegant order
Global Viewpoint Amid Honda and Foxconn tragedies in China, a new era of worker activism
Child-free travel is an oddly new experience for this young mother
Missing the Moon
Verbal Energy Blather-fighters hand out clarity awards
Kroger ice cream recall: Labels don't warn about nuts
Dump your PC for an iPad? Probably not. PCs aren't quite dead yet.
The Monitor's View BP cleanup of the Gulf oil spill should also include a cleanup of BP
Saville report on Bloody Sunday massacre exonerates victims
Scientists study time of day for US summer rains
How an Alabama fire chief risked jail to save town from Gulf oil spill
Apple channels Henry Ford: Preorder any iPhone 4, as long as it's black
Majority of Americans don't approve Obama's handling of BP oil spill
Arizona lawmaker Russell Pearce takes aim at automatic citizenship
Turkey gets a new leader of the political opposition, and a chance to modernize its democracy
Brazil vs. North Korea: Are you ready for a goal fest?
After Israel's Gaza flotilla raid, is Turkey rejecting Europe?
Armed man arrested at US air base AWOL from military unit
BP cleanup: Are other firms in Gulf oil spill blame game helping?
Charlie Sheen's cars keep falling off of cliffs
White iPhone 4 preorder is 'unavailable.' But why?
Opinion What would you do if you saw a woman being abused? Would it matter if she were a prostitute?
North Korea threatens military response if UN condemns it for ship sinking
Gulf Oil spill: What to do about BP? Would a boycott be productive?
World Cup: How can the Group of Death include North Korea?
Gary Brooks Faulkner: 'American ninja' hunting Osama bin Laden
Abby Sunderland says she hopes to sail around the world
Vuvuzela controversy solved? A quieter vuvuzela
Apple gives the Mac Mini the extra-Mini treatment
Gen. David Petraeus slumps over at Senate hearing
Southern California earthquakes deemed April aftershocks
Reviews of 'The Overton Window' by Glenn Beck
World Cup stadiums: What's with all the empty seats?
BP clean up: A contest between citizenship interests and shareholders
Michaele Salahi, White House gate crasher, to appear on 'Real Housewives'
Russian rocket set to launch Tuesday with new crew
Houston native to launch into space
Afghanistan and the natural resource curse
News of Afghanistan's mineral wealth deepens suspicion of US aims
Opinion South Africa and the 2010 World Cup: the great leap forward
BP to burn more captured oil from Gulf
Is China's economic engine sputtering?
Connecting dots to the housing crisis
Portugal vs. Ivory Coast in key 'Group of Death' match
Police arrest 178 in global credit card scam
iPhone 4 pre-order gets off to slightly choppy start
World cup schedule: Drogba on bench for Portugal vs. Ivory Coast, Ronaldo looms
The dangers of raising the minimum wage
How deficit reduction and stimulus can be achieved simultaneously
Bangladesh landslides kill 47, possibly more
The oil spill and a different kind of news briefing
Afghanistan's woeful water management delights neighbors
President Obama on how people can help with the Gulf oil spill
Kyrgyzstan crisis spreads as 100,000 Uzbeks try to flee
Californian on solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden arrested in Pakistan
Oval Office speech: Obama's 'take charge' moment in Gulf oil spill
Commercial whaling: Japan may quit International Whaling Commission if ban stays
Rep. Bob Etheridge apologizes for skirmish with cameramen
E3 2010: Microsoft Xbox 360 'Kinect' will launch in November
E3 2010: Moonwalk with Michael Jackson in new video game
California earthquake: 5.7 earthquake rattles US - Mexico border Monday night
Gigantic 62-foot Jesus statue struck by lightning, destroyed (VIDEO)
The Imperfectionists
Reader recommendation: An Altar in the World