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Monitor Articles for June 12, 2010

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn,' will be released as two films
Obama, Cameron dampen US-British prickliness on BP Gulf oil spill
Yemen's elite female counter-terrorism force takes on Al Qaeda
30 years after Khmer Rouge, killing fields, Cambodia grows new generation of art conservators
Spirit Airlines pilot strike delays thousands
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland: I’ll try again to conquer the globe
Argentina vs. Nigeria: Argentina wins, now faces a strong South Korea
South Carolina head scratcher: More curiosities in election of Alvin Greene
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland blogs days adrift in ocean were 'crazy'
World Cup 2010: As viewers go online, so do ad dollars
Mr. T isn't back but 'The A-Team' is back in over-the-top movie
Conan O'Brien and Steve Martin play rock stars at Bonnaroo
Seventeen found dead, crews search for dozens missing after Ark. floods
Alvin Greene victory another weird chapter in South Carolina politics
Worldwide BP Protest Day vilifies BP for Gulf oil spill
400-pound black bear removed from roof of mall by forklift
Minnesota urges drivers to brake for turtles
Harry Reid ad slams opponent Sharron Angle on Scientology, Medicare
At Saturday talks, Obama and Cameron to discuss BP oil spill
Joran van der Sloot taken to prison on murder charges
Search for missing in Arkansas flood could take weeks
Spirit Airlines pilot strike could strand thousands of vacationers
South Korea vs. Greece: Argentina, Nigeria are now put on notice after Reds' 2-0 win
Teenage sailor Abby Sunderland rescued by French fishing vessel
After 60 killed and hundreds injured, Kyrgyzstan leaders ask Russia to quell Kyrgyz violence
USA vs. England World Cup 2010: Why the Yanks could pull off a shocker
O.J. Simpson appeal: racial makeup of jury and judge conduct questioned
Advice to college graduates from Obama, McCain, and Souter
Argentina vs. Nigeria: Big test for Argentina's coach Maradona
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