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Monitor Articles for June 11, 2010

Australia UFO: What the heck was it?
Barry Bonds wins big legal victory; evidence inaccessible rule judges
International sensitivities: What if BP oil spill heads for Cuba?
In finding BP oil spill flow rate, lab science meets real world
The rise of the Indian-American candidate, as Nikki Haley and others run
How to watch World Cup 2010 soccer online
Seven reasons investors sweat math in BP oil spill
Amateur astronomers gather at New York Stargazing Event as part of 2010 World Science Festival
Obama White House still trying to get BP oil spill right
Liam Neeson stars in 1980s revamp of 'The A-Team.' (Too bad there's not a plot).
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky: movie review
Jackie Chan stars in 'The Karate Kid' (except it should be called 'The Kung Fu Kid'')
Based on the true story of 'John Rabe': movie review
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland found, but are quests like hers wise?
Is a Verizon Droid 2 on the way?
Is bigger, better stimulus the answer to a sustainable recovery?
Is Obama starting to prod Egypt on human rights?
France vs. Uruguay: World Cup gets its first 0-0 tie as Uruguay imitates Italy
Eyeing BP oil spill, British question if North Sea oil firms also push bounds of safety
Tense calm on eve of anniversary of disputed Iran election
Containment boom effort comes up short in BP oil spill
The curious case of Alvin Greene, surprise Senate candidate
Research indicates that young men are more sensitive to relationship quality than women
Flash floods in Arkansas: what causes flash floods?
Flash floods kill 16 in Arkansas floods; dozens missing
Sky over Australia to be lit up by returning asteroid probe
O.J. Simpson lawyers on Friday appeal robbery and kidnapping conviction
Arizona immigration law continues to be huge issue in gubernatorial race
Nelson Mandela can't make World Cup but sends welcome message
Top Picks: 'Shaun the Sheep,' spectacular desserts, 'Foyle's War,' and more recommendations
BP oil disaster: new oil numbers suggest more environmental damage
Pope begs forgiveness, promises action on abuse
Rough weather delays teen sailor Abby Sunderland rescue
16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland -- do the benefits outweigh the fears for adventurers like her?
Beyond World Cup 2010 glitz, boys' soccer club battles post-apartheid woes
Venus now at pinnacle of evening visibility. Where to find it?
Getting Things Done 101: The five phases of project planning
Getting things done 101: setting up the time, space, and tools
Bacteria in soil could provide electric power
Runners don't need to carry a wallet anymore
Treated cotton could help soak up BP oil spill
Retail sales down, economy still struggling to gain momentum
Paris trial of Société Générale trader: Who's responsible for $6 billion loss?
Powering your portable devices abroad
10 great books about cycling
Mexico vs. South Africa: Rainbow Nation finds a hero in Tshabalala
Why the Main Street economy is still lagging
The Monitor's View Gulf oil spill and the political spillover in the Senate energy debate
Japanese space probe returns home Sunday
Is deflation in the US possible?
Uruguay vs. France: Who will win their World Cup face off?
TV audience for World Cup 2010 will be epic. Will US tune in?
Are home prices headed for another drop?
Israel to set up inquiry on 'Freedom Flotilla' raid
Dutchman Joran Van der Sloot charged with first-degree murder in Peru
On Krugman's refusal to accept the consequences of deficits
Joe Biden at World Cup: 'We're going to beat England.'
Conan O'Brien goes from hosting 'The Tonight Show' to making a rockabilly record
Scientists attempt to unravel the mysteries of asteroids
Jacques Cousteau's legacy lives on
Thirty-seven killed, 500 hurt in new wave of Kyrgyz violence
Opinion How oil spills like BP's can reshape politics, from the Amazon to America
New BP oil spill flow estimates: 20,000 to 40,000 barrels per day
Aide: Rod Blagojevich said he made deal for Obama seat
Nobel laureate aboard Rachel Corrie: 'We were kidnapped' by Israeli navy
South Africa World Cup 101: Why is the World Cup such a big deal?
South Africa World Cup 101: Who’s favored to win it all?
South Africa World Cup 101: How does the tournament work?
Oil on Orange Beach, spill keeps looking worse
Seals' whiskers can track fish from hundreds of feet away
Empire of the Summer Moon
Why did South Korea's rocket launch fail?
Reader recommendation: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
At Shanghai Expo, Ahmadinejad polite despite China's support for Iran sanctions
Mexico vs. South Africa on Day 1 of World Cup schedule
Global Viewpoint Beyond Iran sanctions: Iran's failing legitimacy
Mexico vs. South Africa: Who’s got the edge in the World Cup opening game?
World Cup excitement has reached outer space
Using bankruptcy law now won't help BP, its US workers or oil spill cleanup
For a new global financial rebirth
Arizona immigration law furthers an Hispanic exodus
Do UK housing markets foreshadow stronger trend in US?
Iran opposition leaders cancel mass protests