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Monitor Articles for June 10, 2010

Why BP wants to stop the Gulf oil spill as much as Obama
In BART murder case, police brutality, video evidence on trial
Gulf oil spill, Haiti, Darfur: Hollywood stars rush to do their bit
BP: We've been too slow to pay Gulf oil spill claims
Resolution on greenhouse gases fails, could boost energy bill
Sarah Palin vs. Bill Clinton: Whose endorsement means more?
US Border Patrol shooting (new video) threatens Mexico drug war cooperation
Hispanics abandon Arizona, fleeing economy, immigration law
South Africa World Cup 101: Why is it in Johannesburg?
World Cup 101: Is South Africa really prepared to host the World Cup?
Arthur Laffer warns about tax hikes. He's half right.
When taxes rise next year, will the rich avoid them?
Cartoon Network to air original live-action programming
BP oil spill: Renewable energy looking pretty good now
Has BP oil spill damaged the US-UK 'special relationship'?
Graduation rate for US high-schoolers falls for second straight year
Terry Leahy's legacy: Why quality management still matters
The World Cup on 3D TV: gripping, but pricey
Earth and moon may be younger than we think
Mexico vs. South Africa: Mexicans realistic about World Cup prospects
On eve of World Cup, South Africa's 'toilet wars' reveal volatile politics
The Monitor's View California's move to 'top two' primaries: An end to political parties?
Cave of Altamira to reopen, despite warning of damage to prehistoric paintings
BP Oil Spill: Is it time for the Pentagon to take over?
Gold soars as the dow drops: why that's bad news for you
Photo of alien planet proves they're created quickly
All-world entertainment for World Cup concert
How ancient sea reptiles transformed into fierce predators
Elves, sprites, and blue jets dance near the edge of space
World Cup 2010: Top 10 highest-paid players now a little less rich
Remove Google background, critics plead
Looking for truck driving jobs? How about being an Ice Road trucker?
A Verizon iPhone is looking unlikely. But how about a T-Mobile iPhone?
Advances in chip production could mean faster computers
Afghan Taliban hone hit-and-run tactics, assassination campaign
Halley's Comet and others may have formed around other stars
Did Joran van der Sloot fly to Peru with FBI money?
Why some Afghanistan opium farmers turn from poppies to saffron
Snake decline likely in America, too, say biologists
'Drilling' for oil with ... nuclear weapons? The US has done it.
World Cup Soccer 2010: Is it more than just a game?
A small step toward tax equality for same-sex couples
Mysterious mountains found hidden beneath Antarctic ice
Sharks smell in stereo, study finds
Does new iPhone 4 break more easily?
Rielle Hunter sues for all profits from 'The Politician'
Susan Boyle likely to perform for Pope during his UK tour
BP oil spill: What we're learning about humans and the sea
Remove Google background images once and for all
Cape Town hoopla kicks off with World Cup concert and fan festival
Fiorina says she quoted a friend when commenting on Barbara Boxer's hair
McDonald’s recall prompts House investigation of cadmium
New plan to woo Afghan Taliban could harm villages
The Most Dangerous Place
AT&T iPad security breach exposes iPad users' e-mails
Peruvian police give Joran van der Sloot case to prosecutors
Economic recovery: It's up to the private sector now
Reader recommendation: The Weight of Heaven
Dutch voters boost far-right party of Geert Wilders
Opinion If the Arizona immigration law is ‘misguided,’ so is Obama's criminal-alien roundup program
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of June 7, 2010
Senate vote: Should EPA have authority to regulate greenhouse gases?
Three "beautiful" Orange Prize finalists
Google background images offer new styles for your homepage
Cockroaches appear to use collective decision-making, prefer to dine together
South Korean rocket likely exploded minutes after blast-off
Sally Ride's flight suit stolen by Houston man
World Cup 2010 opening ceremony: Who is performing?
Battered Israel relieved to take back seat on Iran sanctions
Share price of BP falls after US demand to pay more for oil spill fallout
Jupiter Collisions remain a mystery to scientists
How to make each day your masterpiece
3 more reasons the President should take control of BP’s Gulf operation
Job quitting signals stronger economy
Why India embraces Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa in first postwar visit
China buys what everyone is selling: Europe
iPhone 4 versus iPhone 3G S: A buyer's guide
As World Cup 2010 kicks off, where South Africa stands 16 years after apartheid
What's next on your 3D TV? Get ready for 3D videogames!
Toward peace in the Middle East
The John Wooden school of management
US concerned about China's military investments
Opinion Beyond World Cup soccer savvy, US should look to South Africa on Supreme Court nominations
Bestselling books the week of 6/10/10, according to IndieBound*