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Monitor Articles for May 8, 2010

The Dow average didn't tank because of one fat finger
New Zealand shows some bounce
A Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition could work
For success in life, spend time finding tactics that work
Seven easy steps to your dream job
Tea party movement ousts Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah
Vietnamese, Cambodian fishermen among hardest hit by BP oil spill
Free software: 14 programs to keep you organized
Four ways to organize store coupons
Secretary Gates wants 'hard, unsparing look' at military spending
Nashville flood: The South's self-help disaster
Busting India's myths about skin color
This Mother’s Day, skip the gift. Join the firm.
Is the US ready for a 24-hour coastal oil spill response corps?
Health care politics: Obama fast-tracks new law's coverage of adult children
Afghanistan surge: Is the 'clear, hold, build' strategy working?
Joe Biden in Spain to discuss Afghanistan war, global economic crisis
British election: What it means for the UK and the US
Ancient meteorites in Antarctica could reveal origins of Solar System
Horrible-smelling 'corpse flower' blooms
Herschel telescope finds 'impossible' star so massive it would dwarf our sun
Top 10 gift ideas for Mother’s Day