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Monitor Articles for May 30, 2010

Trade talk for Dwayne Wade? OK. For businessmen? Jail time.
Is there a bright side to the market's negatives?
Colombia election surprise: Juan Manuel Santos routs Antanas Mockus
Why do hedge funds love BofA and Citi?
Arizona immigration law: two rallies, two very different views
Skype 3G comes to the iPhone. And it's free.
Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo: movie review
Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies: movie review
Sex and the City 2: movie review
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: movie review
Now that 'top kill' has failed, what's next in Gulf oil spill?
Is China backing away from censuring North Korea over the sinking of South's Cheonan warship?
Hugo Chavez looms large over Colombia election
BP oil spill: 'top kill' failure means well may gush until August
To get rich is glorious. To go into debt is...
4 books for armchair travelers
Mr. Market beats a bailout every time
Classic title for Memorial Day 2010: This Republic of Suffering