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Monitor Articles for May 29, 2010

Oil, the Pentagon, and the law of diminishing returns
US government is killing its own economy
Life happens in-between advice columns
Five challenges of buying used – and how to overcome them
Reader mailbag: Should you make a bigger mortgage payment?
BP 'top kill' falters: Macondo well keeps spewing oil into the Gulf
Dennis Hopper: His rebellious roles on film reflected his life
When do you stop saving and buy?
BP 'top kill' live feed makes stars out of disaster bots
Israel key to NPT conference on banning nukes
Gulf oil spill: Obama’s big political test
BP, not Obama, taking brunt of public's oil spill ire: poll
On Memorial Day, three stories of loss, redemption, and healing
A Memorial Day machine: dirt racing for fallen Special Ops soldiers
Care packages as a calling: One mother's Memorial Day mission
One Marine's memorial: day of racing to honor veterans' service
A Charmed Life