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Monitor Articles for May 28, 2010

Gulf oil spill: BP says 'top kill' taking longer than planned
US pushes Iran sanctions over Brazilian-Turkish uranium swap
Court to Guantánamo Uighurs: Accept resettlement or stay in prison
Opinion Sestak, Clinton, and Obama: Was it a bribe?
Colombia elections: Border town frets about Hugo Chávez trade threats
Joe Sestak job offer? White House says it did nothing wrong.
Best US beach – Coopers Beach – is also the priciest
This Memorial Day weekend, prices at the gas pump are going down
Will China ever revalue its currency? Maybe next month.
'Top kill' to stop Gulf oil spill in 'very critical' stage: US official
Newly discovered species of frog already threatened with extinction
American crosses English Channel in chair tied to helium balloons
International iPad sale attracts long lines, 'crazy' atmosphere
Rhinoceros-sized dinosaur had horns the size of baseball bats
Gary Coleman: child star appeared at pivotal time
France moves to raise retirement age to 62
Maine duo builds car powered by Mentos and soda
Top Picks: Robin Hood, 'Life' TV series, Memorial Day concert, and more recommendations
Air Force X-51A Waverider: faster than Superman
Kenya's draft constitution under fire for Islamic courts
Does LIBOR spike spell trouble for EU banks?
BP oil spill: an accounting of its impacts after 39 days
Back to basics by getting back to civics education
One Laptop Per Child program's new goal: One Tablet Computer Per Child
Gaza aid flotilla: Why Israel expects to lose the PR war
New robot landers will be built by private rocket-makers
Gas prices have fallen across the US, just in time for Memorial Day
10 great books for Father's Day
Philosopher Antanas Mockus rattles Colombia election
How are spitting cobras so accurate?
What are the top 10 beaches in the US?
NASA: Object that hurtled past Earth was space junk, not asteroid
Did Ardipithecus ramidus roam the woods or the grasslands?
Israel allows Palestinians on highway 443 to Ramallah – but blocks the exit
Mercury may have its wings clipped by Ford
Monitor Breakfast Video: Don't change liability law on BP, says Chamber of Commerce's Donohue
Japan's Hatoyama, weakened by Okinawa base decision, sacks deputy
Colombia election ends reign of 'savior' Álvaro Uribe
Why Taliban attacks two Muslim-minority mosques in Pakistan
One dead, three missing in Guatemala volcano eruption
The Monitor's View Why the Gulf oil spill demands more than new regulations
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev submits US nuclear arms deal to parliament
Pakistani Taliban gunmen attack Pakistan mosques, kill at least 70
Personal income up in April
Will secret technology help rogue nations get nuclear weapons?
Memorial Day 2010: How would you like to honor America's fallen soldiers this weekend?
Can the three million feet of booms in the Gulf contain the oil?
China leans toward South Korea's view of Cheonan warship sinking
US Air Force launches new GPS satellite
Iraqis can't get pensions, visas, or permits due to Iraq election limbo
Why Rand Paul is wrong about Title II
BP oil spill: Louisianans want more from Obama ... but more what?
Cancun mayor Gregorio Sanchez's arrest: A case of biased law enforcement?
Opinion Internet and social media behavior 101
John Hughes What mood are voters in? Just ask Senator Bob Bennett.
The art of coalition
Why politicians love Wall Street, even when no one else does
BP oil spill: full impact is yet to be seen
Hillary Clinton on Obama's new National Security Strategy: Fix things at home first
Could your perfume be hurting you?
Third suspected Maoist attack on India train kills 65
The Invisible Bridge
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of May 24, 2010