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Monitor Articles for May 20, 2010

Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of May 10, 2010
Opinion 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day': What's a Muslim-American to think?
Intelligence director Dennis Blair takes fall for Christmas bomber
EPA scolds BP in Gulf oil spill: dispersant is too toxic, change it
Michelle Obama surprises designer with choice of gown
America's new 'dual track' approach to Iran nuclear program
World's largest inflatable vehicle -- Bullet 580 airship -- inflated and ready for action
Scientists create 'synthetic life,' fuel debate over bioethics
Can Google TV do what so many have failed at?
Richard Blumenthal Vietnam ‘misstatements’: How damaging?
Dow average sees biggest fall in 15 months
Senate clears way for final vote on financial reform bill
Why a British Capital Gains Tax increase is a bad idea
Toyota recall: Automaker focused more on damage control than fixes?
Privately owned rocket ready for maiden voyage
Monitor Breakfast Q&A with Sen. John Cornyn
Bad economy? Good for the Tea Party.
Felipe Calderon calls Arizona immigration law racial profiling
'Cannibal' star observed devouring planet
Why start a business in this economy? No boss to answer to.
Times Square bomb plot: Massachusetts man had suspect's phone number
Fifteen dead as southeastern India is slammed by powerful Cyclone Laila
Wall Street crashes amid market 'temper tantrum over Europe'
Homeland Security wants to turn your cell phone into a smell phone
Google joins up with Sony, Intel & Logitech for interactive TV plan
GE coffee maker recall: Is yours on the list?
Defense Secretary: Pentagon must trim the fat in war on waste
HTC EVO 4G review roundup
Floyd Landis: three reasons he should rethink his stance
Three hikers jailed in Iran reunite with their moms
Will Facebook be hurt by protests against 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day'?
Paris art heist: The chances of recovery aren't good
President Obama wants higher fuel standards for cars
Japanese probe tries to solve the mysteries of Venus
Crater photos show off dynamic Martian winds
Opinion Why you should leave your kids at the park on Saturday -- without supervision
Striking workers, but no riots this time, in protests over Greece debt bailout
Volcanic ash cloud: Where is it now – May 20?
Krugman off-base on economic recovery projection
The Monitor's View Russia is getting its 'sphere' back
Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup idea interests BP
Want higher SAT scores? Five ways to prep.
BP admits more oil is spilling into Gulf than estimated
Serengeti homecoming: yes, Black Rhinos can fly
Yves Behar's vision of low-cost glasses for students
Rand Paul: Civil Rights Act brouhaha clouds Senate campaign
Malawi gives gay couple 14 years in jail; public cheers
Reviews of Pac-Man, Geometry Wars, and other retro iPad Games
Floyd Landis vs. Lance Armstrong: Are doping allegations credible?
Blaming North Korea, South offers detailed account of how torpedo sank Cheonan
Economic perspectives against the welfare state
'Draw Mohammed Day': Bold affirmation of free speech or malicious attack on Islam?
European markets slide after German ban on short-selling
New International Space Station room 'about the size of a small Winnebago'
Why Israel supports watered-down Iran nuclear sanctions
Talk to the Editor for May 20: Financial reform
Law chokes Chinese NGOs' foreign funding
Solution-oriented opinion: Gulf oil spill, Detroit and GM, Japan, Sarah Palin, Cyprus
White House video shows personality of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan
Clutching flowers, American mothers visit detained US hikers in Iran
Opinion Elena Kagan and the case for an elitist Supreme Court
Polish President Lech Kaczynski plane crash likely caused by pilot error
A cookbook by a true expert
Beijing Zoo lets visitors admire, eat wildlife
Diminishing terror by defeating fear
Big Paris art heist: Works by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse stolen
Floyd Landis admits doping to clear his conscience, implicates Lance Armstrong
Will China's housing boom lead to a bust?
North Korea rebuffs South Korea's evidence on Cheonan attack
Retail spending up, as are home values
An estate tax deal: pay now, die later
Mothers visit three US hikers held in Iran
Hillary Clinton on START: No arms deal? No way to check Russia.
Bangkok smolders day after crackdown on red-shirt protesters
Striking a balance at the US-Mexico border
US Envoy Mitchell meets Abbas, Netanyahu on Israeli-Palestinian talks
Pakistan bans Facebook, Youtube over 'Draw Mohammad Day'
No bull: Campbell Brown leaving CNN
Tablet computers: Analysts say iPad killing sales of Netbooks
The Beauty Bias
An Altar in the World