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Monitor Articles for May 18, 2010

Timber companies agree on conservation plan for Canadian forests
Gulf oil spill targets Florida beaches as it nears loop current
US-Mexico tensions darken visit of President Felipe Calderón
Report: Reading skills in early grades are crucial to success
Arizona immigration law has echoes of controversial federal act
After Times Square bombing, should New York get more anti-terrorism funding?
In Ohio, Obama says his policies have created jobs. Is that true?
Alan Wake review roundup
Facebook and FarmVille will be friends for five more (long) years
Giant meteor found to have struck Appalachia
Despite complaints from anti-gay religious conservatives, Morocco music festival will feature Elton John
Mark Souder: Would he have resigned if he were a Democrat?
True age of dying stars revealed by new model
Active volcano holds clues to violent landslides
Eyes flashing, I-Fairy robot conducts wedding in Tokyo
Matthew Yglesias on Denmark and Sweden
Gulf oil spill could reach Florida Keys by Sunday
How much should you save for retirement?
Laos's secret underground city now open for tourism
Mt. St. Helens and the Cascade Volcanic Arc: Iceland in America
Ken Salazar's task: make sure BP oil spill isn't Obama's Katrina
The Monitor's View Supreme Court moves in the right direction on juvenile sentence
Astronomical mystery: How does the sun remain the same size?
Sen. Barbara Boxer and other Democrats want criminal probe of Gulf oil spill
The return of the dollar
Hillary Clinton: Russia, China to back new Iran nuclear sanctions
Court orders death sentences for six Somali pirates
Jean Kwok: 'How very lonely an immigrant girl can feel'
Bo Obama: a bargain at $1,600
Hugo Chávez boycotts Madrid summit over Honduras president
Gay couple convicted in Malawi could face 14 years in jail
Monitor Breakfast Housing department to funnel $1 billion to hard-hit areas
Finding the fire: Nine things to do to make each day great
30 years later, visitors remember Mount St. Helens eruption
Afghanistan president's brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, under investigation
Connecticut Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal says story on his Vietnam service is a 'distortion'
China and sanctions on Iran: Obama's deft diplomacy
US answer to Iran nuclear swap: Overnight deal on sanctions
England will win World Cup 2010: J.P. Morgan
Homebuilder blues: housing market index still low
More than surfing: The Web brings innovation to the poorest classrooms
Though struggling, small business owners push ahead
Indiana GOP congressman Mark Souder to resign over affair
Book 'Em Danno: CBS said to greenlight Hawaii Five-O Remake
Richard Blumenthal: Do reports of less-than-truthful statements by politicians affect your vote?
Obama, Biden find value in books
Volcanic ash cloud: Where is it now - May 18?
Iran nuclear fuel swap deal: Is Brazil's Lula now a diplomatic big boy?
Russian ex-tycoon Khodorkovsky threatens hunger strike
Opinion A new way to blend Republican and Democratic values
Opinion To stay relevant, the UN must compete
Obama's financial disclosure forms released. Bo Obama only worth $1,600!
Solution-oriented opinion: Thailand, teacher layoffs, Middle East, placebo, graffiti
Pakistan Taliban claim retaliatory bombing
Treasury says loss on Chrysler loan deal will cost US taxpayers $1.6 billion
David R. Francis Bringing morality to Wall Street
Where Rivers Change Direction
A fresh look at the unseen ash cloud
Supreme Court on juvenile crimes: Justice Kennedy
With Huang Guangyu sentence, China takes aim at corrupt business culture
Greyson Chance: What is real in an age of media manipulation?
Will Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Specter survive Tuesday's primaries?
Afghanistan Taliban suicide attack kills 18 in Kabul