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Monitor Articles for May 16, 2010

Brazil, Turkey try to hammer out 'last chance' Iran nuclear fuel swap deal
Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: Will her own words bite her?
Republicans aim for a Scott Brown-style upset in Pennsylvania
At George Washington University, graduates received their commencement address on Sunday, from First Lady Michelle Obama
Mexico manhunt for missing politician Diego Fernandez de Cevallos
Thailand protests: Government rejects red-shirt leaders' call for UN cease-fire
Round-the-world teenage sailor Jessica Watson gets hero's welcome in Australia
Vancouver bomb threat: Al Qaeda terror link or pure hoax?
Gulf oil spill: real disaster might be lurking beneath the surface
Were bad math skills behind the housing bubble?
Classic review: Valentines
Dow flash crash: US needs fewer financial engineers, more real ones
Debt crisis reality check: EU's bad debt won't go away
Buy a home or rent a home? Four things to consider.