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Monitor Articles for May 13, 2010

Three days in Washington: How Hamid Karzai resuscitated his image
Space shuttle Atlantis to launch its final mission Friday
L.A. vs. Arizona: Who wins in immigration law dust-up?
The latest New York security scare: federal grants
Obama in Buffalo: tax reform is needed, but a flat tax isn't
Could a start-up called Diaspora knock Facebook off its perch?
Yemen: Never mind Anwar al-Awlaki, the economy is a bigger threat
Why don't we just drop a nuclear bomb on the Gulf oil spill?
In 'humanitarian' move, Iran allows mothers of jailed US hikers to visit
Facebook is being careless with user data, European group says
Exxon Valdez cleanup holds lessons for Gulf oil spill
When is the HTC EVO 4G coming out? Next month.
Searching for unclaimed money? It's easier than it used to be.
Volcanic ash cloud: Where is it today?
Humongous black hole spotted careening through space
Astronomer notices one less stripe on the planet Jupiter
Wal-Mart, hunger, and you
After immigration crackdown, Arizona targets ethnic studies
US consumers turn activist after housing crisis and recession
A sign of economic recovery? For the fourth straight week, a dip in claims for unemployment benefits.
The Brothers K
Sarah Palin rails against Arizona boycott
A beauty school for the blind in Amman, Jordan
Hawaii slams door on 'birthers,' who turn to Obama Social Security number
The Monitor's View Senate energy bill is at the mercy of political climate change
US and China sit down for a belated talk on human rights
April unemployment rate of 9.9% should be 17.1%
Leaked Russian document: Could Medvedev era tilt more pro-West?
South Africa spends £3.5 billion on World Cup preparations. But for what return?
Is class conflict to blame for riots in Greece and 'Tea Party' movement?
Counterterrorism training to curb Al Qaeda threat in Africa
Best news for the 2012 Summer Olympics? A comeback for Shawn Johnson.
How to make reading online easier: Instapaper and Readability
Cameron-Obama: A UK-US special relationship forged in syllables?
FBI raids in Times Square probe: What were they looking for?
5 mysteries that sizzle make cool summer reading
Talk to the Editor for May 13: The Gulf oil spill
Thai general shot while aiding red shirt protesters
Why the Amish make entrepreneurship programs look bad
Of course Abu Dhabi has a gold-dispensing ATM
Iran sanctions: Which way will China go?
Dr. Stephen Davies on public goods and private action
Opinion What nonnuclear weapon states want: six key issues
Elena Kagan: What question would you like to ask her?
Feldstein says don’t make the Bush tax cuts permanent
Looking for answers: Five of the best in current commentary
One diploma and a whole lot of loans
Thought bite: Quote for May 13, 2010
Greek debt crisis ignites a gold rush
John Hughes Muslim women find an ally for more rights: the Koran
Elena Kagan follows Supreme Court nominee rulebook: be bland
China slips in ranking of Asia's top colleges
Compassion and hope for the bully and the bullied
Why Aquino, fresh off Philippines elections victory, risks being outflanked
Thai PM preps snipers, police to seal off red shirt protest site
Outlook for home foreclosures brightens a bit