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Monitor Articles for May 10, 2010

Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of May 5, 2010
Pallas: Huge asteroid visible from Earth
Facebook parents push for Pampers recall
After Arizona, why are 10 states considering immigration bills?
To stave off Greek debt crisis, euro zone unveils its own TARP
'Tea party'-backed platform sails through Maine GOP convention
Lena Horne: an actress of color who refused to be defined by it
Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan urged Clinton restrict late abortions
EU rescue plan buys time to defuse Greek debt crisis
In Haiti, international relief targets rats and bugs
Irène Némirovsky: "She thought she could be saved"
Was Twitter hacked? Not exactly.
Times Square bomb: Did Pakistan Taliban send its 'C' team?
Maybe we should have been monitoring volcanoes after all
Life on Mars? Only in The Sun.
Kids: Name your own minor planet
Charities want you to text in your donation. Does it work?
We even talk like we're from space
Is terraforming Mars impossible?
Gecksteroids! Asteroids and geckos may share common force
Don’t 'dew' this with your telescope…
Since when does Barack Obama hate the Apple iPod and iPad?
The Monitor's View Elena Kagan as Supreme Court consensus builder?
Amid election stalemate, deadliest Iraq bombings of the year
Fannie Mae wants $8.4 billion more in federal aid
Legendary singer and activist Lena Horne passes away
Gulf oil spill's environmental impact: How long to recover?
Obama may move Supreme Court closer to gender parity with Elena Kagan
Dow average shoots up after Europeans agree on Greece debt plan
Dallas Braden pitches perfect game. Braden's grandma says 'hello' to A-Rod.
Europe's $955 billion rescue package, Greek austerity, and moral hazard
Roy Bennett acquittal shows independence of Zimbabwe judiciary
For the first time, Western troops march on Red Square
Kagan's road from solicitor general to Supreme Court: not too rocky?
Hamid Karzai comes to Washington: Will US-Afghanistan tensions ease?
FTC goes after Google under antitrust law
Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity holds up
Opinion Elena Kagan: Would she embody empathy as a Supreme Court justice?
Karl Rove's book tour makes more waves
Obama cites 'temperament' of Kagan, Supreme Court nominee
Difference Maker A passion to clean up the Pacific Ocean's great 'garbage patch'
Will terrorism acquittal of MDC's Roy Bennett salvage Zimbabwe unity government?
Should we be upbeat on unemployment?
Three banking reforms the White House doesn't support – but should
BP shareholder sues company executives over Gulf oil spill
Educated and radical: Why Pakistan produces Faisal Shahzads
For Filipinos, English proficiency is fading
Philippine election results: Voters test new electronic voting system
Why the US should enact a VAT
FTC should target Wall Street, not Apple
Can the manufacturing industry create jobs while 'greening' the environment?
Life on Saturn moon? Earth's asphalt lakes hint at possibility of life on Titan
Discussion question: What kind of diversity matters on the Supreme Court?
"Innocent" by Scott Turow: the first reviews look good
Thieves in the Temple
Eight Months on Ghazzah Street
Why Nasdaq and NYSE should only cancel 90 percent of 'erroneous' trades
Greek bailout only adds to debt
Casino Jack and the United States of Money: movie review
David R. Francis The bailout's costs are big – but falling
UK election result still in doubt as Cameron negotiates
Three ways to save the euro that won’t work
Looking for answers: five of the best in current commentary
Can electric cars break out of niche status in US, China market?
Another AIDS activist, Wan Yanhai, flees China
Thought bite: Quote for May 10, 2010
Looking for answers: five of the best in current commentary
Stock plunge, Greek debt crisis, and the power of credibility
Thought bite: Quote for May 7, 2010
Ukraine's dangerous ode to Stalin
Discussion question: How can we improve our defenses against terrorists?
Looking for answers: five of the best in current commentary
Thought bite: Quote for May 6, 2010
South Africa AIDS orphans: Gift's birth mother confronts his foster parents
South Africa AIDS orphans: A foster mother can't cope
South Africa AIDS orphans overwhelm social work services
Global Viewpoint Brown, Blair, and Labour's legacy in Britain
For some, Thailand's red-shirt protests amplify calls for justice
At least 30 killed as gunmen, suicide bomber, strike across Iraq
President Obama to nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme Court
Opinion Best move for cash-strapped states? Raise progressive taxes.
iPhone Helps Researchers Build Better Nuclear Power Plants
Is the X-37B a prelude to space warfare?
Arroyo's shadow over Philippines election
Prayer for Greece
Is the Army innovative?