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Monitor Articles for April 7, 2010

China may avoid 'currency manipulator' label under conditions
Father of USS Cole victim can display anti-Islam decals
U.S. employment report observations
Roast duck: a recipe for the uninitiated
Verbal Energy How 'the Orient' moved eastward
West Virginia coal mine still too toxic for rescue mission
The Bark Scratchers
Top Picks: 'Afghan Star,' Sistine Chapel, 1% Music, and other recommendations
Point of view: Lady in red
Get out the periodic table, kids! There's a new element: 117.
Kyrgyzstan protests threaten Afghanistan war's premier air hub
General Motors moves closer to recovery with 'chance' at profits
Green building costs not always included in home appraisal
West Virginia disaster: Will Congress take on coal mining companies?
Unemployment v. job openings: equal but opposite forces
On the stamp: Food stamp participation January 2010
Krugman vs. the Austrians
There's nothing wrong with Social Security
War on internships: Should unpaid internships be regulated?
Fascinating fasciation, a random oddity in the garden
Leonardo da Vinci: painter, sculptor, Hollywood movie star
Paul Krugman, the Fed, and the housing bubble
Jack White: Guitar Hero, Rock Band no substitute for real tunes
Kyrgyzstan opposition takes over in Bishkek. What happens to Manas?
Anwar al-Awlaki: Is it legal to kill an American in war on terror?
The Masters: Comcast to broadcast Augusta tournament in 3D TV
Killings of Iraqi journalists: US says they were not war crimes
'Jihad Jamie' and the 'black widows': Why women turn to terrorism
Move over American Idol: Hissa Hilal in finals of Arab reality TV poetry contest
Sadr followers snub Allawi and Maliki. Who will lead Iraq?
Rio floods: Why did more than 100 people die?
Giant lizard discovery underscores threats to Philippine forests
With a quick divorce, Shoaib Malik marriage to Sania Mirza back on track
Virginia governor: Is it so wrong to love the Old South?
The Monitor's View A court wisely rules on Net neutrality, FCC, Comcast
Kyrgyzstan protests: What it means for US role in Afghanistan war?
CEOs bullish on sales, new survey finds
Poetry in Person
Opinion Before health care reform, Republicans weren't always the party of 'No!'
Born to Run
Opinion China: Beyond Communist rule and capitalist change, what's the real story?
Crime, unemployment, homelessness dog ex-foster care youths
India's Maoist rebel attack sparks anger
No more Burger King on Afghanistan base? Soldiers grumble.
Unchained from chain letters
American gets 8 years labor, could become North Korea pawn in nuclear talks