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Monitor Articles for April 29, 2010

Global warming: a market proposal even libertarians would love
I’m in debt. How much should I give?
Opinion New iPhone app for Arizona immigration law!
Navy: submarine duty to be opened to women
Legal challenges to Arizona immigration law multiply
Financial reform debate begins with a familiar target: Goldman Sachs
Prices at gas pump ticking up ahead of Memorial Day travel
Press freedom falls around the world
In Israel, Netanyahu wards off challenge from within his Likud Party
Global Viewpoint Roubini: Greece debt crisis is only the tip of the iceberg
Simplicity and Graco crib recalls: Is your crib on the list?
Interest in organic lawn care is growing
Study suggests humans mated with Neanderthals
Tiger Woods survives rough first round at Quail Hollow Championship
Did asteroids bring water to Earth?
Want to sell your home fast? Put it on stage.
Afghanistan war: US night raid sparks protest over civilian deaths
Loch Ness Monster had police protection in 1930s
The devil in Goldman Sachs
NASA: Some of moon's craters may be electrified
The cost of insuring the financial industry
Ron Paul: Obama’s not Socialist, he’s Corporatist
Oil spill: What is the threat to Gulf of Mexico seafood?
On eve of Shanghai Expo 2010, China finds 'soft power' an elusive goal
Five reasons to invest in gold (and six ways to do it)
Fixing the economy: Are tax increases the solution?
Are unpaid internship unfair?
A 51st state? Congress takes up Puerto Rico statehood
Stephen Hawking warning: What would an alien invasion be like?
Jobless claims down 11,000
Why Mexico opposes the Arizona immigration law
US defense of global religious freedom wanes under Obama, panel says
US government spending is unsustainable
China's Shanghai Expo 2010 – by the numbers
The Monitor's View Financial reform without Fannie and Freddie?
Bestselling books the week of 4/29/10, according to IndieBound*
Katie Holmes to play Jackie Kennedy in History Channel miniseries
Steve Jobs dishes on iPhone Flash ban
Iron Man 2: Robert Downey Jr. returns as superhero
Jon Stewart skewers Apple over iPhone 4G debacle
Greek financial crisis now considered contagion 'like ebola'
Gulf of Mexico oil spill could be bigger than Exxon Valdez
Humongous, expensive NASA balloon crashes in Australia
Opinion Cyberattacks: Washington is hyping the threat to justify regulating the Internet
Long after cold war, artists' paintings of Soviet weapons remain
Financial reform bill 101: what it means for consumers
Oil spill serves as testing ground for futuristic high-tech cleanups
Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Move to San Francisco.
Hezbollah spy cell in Egypt found guilty of terror plots
New twist in Iraq election crisis: Maliki's enemies latch onto torture allegations
Monitor Breakfast John Cornyn: GOP leaders want their money back from Charlie Crist
How does a panda fake being pregnant?
Talk to the Editor for April 29: Politics in the UK
Anne Frank's diary – complete, original – is on display for the first time
New province name: Pakistan taps ethnic pride as defense against Taliban
South Koreans, mourning Cheonan sinking, eye North with suspicion
Labour in turmoil ahead of final UK election debate
Walter Rodgers Cyberattacks: Can Google -- or Uncle Sam -- protect you?
India, Pakistan PMs highlight ancestral ties at SAARC meeting
Tiger Woods takes 2nd step on golf rehab at Quail Hollow
Can foreign mediators defuse Thailand’s red shirt protests?
A world in need: What's our role?
Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud is alive: spy agency
The rage over Goldman Sachs is misplaced