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Monitor Articles for April 26, 2010

Do motion-activated light switches save money?
Push for Big 10 expansion speeds up
Why financial reform bill is stalled - and why it isn't dead yet
Stephen Hawking aliens alert: a premature or primitive fear?
Arizona immigration law puts police in 'impossible situation'
At summit on entrepreneurship, Obama's approach to Muslim world on display
Immigration reform: Arizona lobs political grenade into midterms
Police raid home of Gizmodo writer over iPhone prototype
US Treasury to sell Citigroup shares, make profit, but government bailout still costly
Spread of Gulf oil spill puts fragile Louisiana Coast on alert
Richard Wagner: He broke the rules and inspired generations to come
Snore wars
On writing: the space where words appear
James Jones apologizes for Jewish joke
Verbal Energy Are all these initials really necessary?
Top Picks: Dave Rawlings, Simon & Garfunkel, 'Crazy Heart,' and more recommendations
Avatar DVD and Blu-ray smash sales records
Thwack of the wood baseball bat ushers in spring
True Feathers
David R. Francis Want a balanced federal budget? Cut state workers' pay.
Counterfeit goods: designer handbags, Rolex watches, and now airplane engine parts
The rocky shores of Alcatraz bloom once again
Italy city hall uses smiley face emoticons to gauge customer satisfaction
US expresses first concerns over Iraq election results
Stephen Hawking aliens warning: Should we hide?
Difference Maker One farmer acts to save environment from factory farms
Yemen suicide bomb highlights threat to foreigners, international aid workers
Sudan 101: Could the war over South Sudan spark up again?
Sudan 101: Could Sudan's oil resources solve its problems?
MapQuest introduces free GPS app for Apple iPhone
Sudan 101: What is the Darfur war about?
How to pick a password that's secure and easy to remember
Financial reform: why the GOP strategy is risky
Builders gear up to build more houses
Sudan 101: Is the Darfur conflict a fight between Arabs and Africans?
Catholic sex abuse scandal raising doubts for young German Catholics
Wealth, frugality, and fulfillment
Sudan 101: Why is President Bashir accused of war crimes in Darfur?
Sudan 101: Why does Sudan have so many wars?
Kelley Blue Book: top 10 green cars of 2010
Airlines: First it was the baggage fees. What’s next? Pay toilets?
Two versatile water gardens
BlackBerry Bold 9650 will ship in May, RIM says
The Monitor's View Raise the community college graduation rate
Stephen Hawking aliens theory doesn't scare planet hunters
Supreme Court to take up sale of violent video games to minors
Mexico issues sharp rebuttal to Arizona immigration law
Greek crisis worsens
Bashir wins Sudan election. Now what?
Afghanistan war: Taliban escalates violence with Kandahar blasts
Chirayu Amin takes reins of IPL, India's wealthiest cricket league
Efforts to shut down leak at Deepwater Horizon oil rig continue
Poetry reviews: "The Apple Trees at Olema" and "The Best of It"
Getting Wall Street out of Washington and Washington out of Wall Street
Farther Than Any Man
Opinion How many seats will GOP win this fall? It's up to voters, not RNC's Michael Steele.
George W. Bush memoir set for release on Nov. 9
Thinking about selling your stock? Think again.
Voters give far right a drubbing in Austria presidential election
Opinion The Afghanistan war, through the eyes of a soldier's wife
The Perfect Game: movie review
The City of Your Final Destination: movie review
Paper Man: movie review
Exit Through the Gift Shop: movie review
Economic clout rising, China takes No. 3 seat on World Bank
Thailand's red-shirt protesters find sympathizers in military
Yemen suicide bomb narrowly misses UK ambassador
Trusting in a higher integrity