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Monitor Articles for April 2, 2010

Why San Francisco’s police chief is apologizing to Muslims
The Warlords: movie review
The Runaways: movie review
Clash of the Titans: movie review
Chloe: movie review
On jobs vs. high unemployment, Obama has political balancing act
In Egypt, Christians celebrate Easter Sunday under shadow of Christmas attacks
More changes to airline security after Christmas Day incident
With jobs being added, is US economy ready to stand on its own?
Apple iPad review roundup
Suspected Somali pirates more active, but US Navy fighting back
Easter Sunday: A Syrian bid to resurrect Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ
Guardians of the free Republics tied to Texas radio station
After Hans Christian Andersen flipbook logo, what will Google try next?
Impact of emission caps: costlier cars that will be cheaper to drive
Sharp rolls out mobile 3D TV -- no glasses required
Catholic abuse crisis: Church hits out at critics, archbishop speaks of 'shame'
Jobs growth in March seen throughout the economy
Want an easy-care rose that's also beautiful?
Apple iPad apps include HD games, 'luxury' ocean views
Opinion Croatia should apologize for World War II genocide before joining the EU
Guardians of the free Republics: Could threats spark violence?
Could Americans saving more and spending less rescue the US economy?
Is the post office open on Good Friday? Yes, but not everything is.
Africa looks to nuclear power
The Monitor's View Weird science: Consider geoengineering to fight global warming
Greek debt crisis: pushing more European integration?
Yankees-Red Sox rivalry: Read all about it
Israel, Gaza tensions: Why Egypt helps maintain the blockade
Please crash my wedding day, Cambodians say
'Easter Parade'
Hans Christian Andersen: 'Thumbelina' fairy tale enchants the Google homepage
Stand up to bullies
US engineers study Chile earthquake to bolster California building codes
Finally, US economy adds 162,000 jobs
A widow fights Pakistan Taliban with embroidery
It Is Well with My Soul
Reading Jesus
Opinion American Jihadis: Blame violence-prone boys, not Islam
Israel threatens second Gaza war after launching air strikes
Complex IRS forms no big deal, you say? Take this quiz.