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Monitor Articles for April 19, 2010

Five steps to a debt-free vacation
HTC Droid Incredible gets price, pre-order availability
Senators chastise Pentagon, subpoena Fort Hood documents
Supreme Court takes up 'sexting' privacy case
Found 'iPhone 4G' a rare breach of Apple secrecy
Chicago: First US city to regulate coal plant air pollution?
Goldman Sachs could roil California governor race
Two Iraq Al Qaeda leaders killed: Did they really get Abu Omar al-Baghdadi?
Iceland volcano costs US companies millions of dollars
Ten ways to a simple life and better money
Supreme Court sharply divided on Christian student group case
America's lost decade
Going for a softer touch, Ruth Reichl renames her memoir
Al Qaeda killings show growing competence of Iraqi Army
When you should replace that Teflon pan?
Swan in Spring
Can you afford retirement?
Should employers be allowed to check your credit?
No bailout for small business, fishing industry
The Monitor's View Iceland volcano ash cloud: At least Europe has a backup in trains, ferries, buses
The different angles of market competition for consumer goods
Oklahoma City bombing: Is 1995 repeating itself today?
Obama address set to ramp up financial reform battle
Germany faces up to sexual abuse after scandals at Catholic, other schools
Facebook looks to expand web presence with 'like' button
Iraq election: Can Maliki win with a Baghdad recount?
Europe creates smaller volcanic ash no-fly zones
Are 'tea party' rallies given preferential treatment by police?
Value Added Tax: Will it solve our budget woes?
Volcanic ash cloud economics: Europe's winners and losers
Iraq announces deaths of two senior Al Qaeda leaders
'Tea Party' eyes big prize: the 2010 midterm elections
How to Fix the Advanced Earned Income Tax Credit: A Lesson from Health Reform
How George Washington racked up a $300,000 fine for overdue library books
Army deploys against Thailand's 'red shirt' protesters
Volcano ash cloud: Growing anger over Europe flights canceled
The stadiums may be gone, but they're still being paid for
The Monitor's View Live to be over 100? Why not?
Difference Maker Mary Hutton frees Asia's endangered bears from lives of torment
Hosting major sports events: Is it worth it?
How the Iceland volcano ash cloud is crippling Kenya's flower industry
The Double Comfort Safari Club
Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn
Hu visit aims to boost confidence in China quake relief
Our Founding Fathers' thoughts on the Supreme Court
Opinion Boston Marathon and beyond: Running is ready for a barefoot revolution
Opinion Georgia President Saakashvili: Russian hostility won't sap our commitment to democracy
Nationalist wins Cyprus election, sparking concern about peace talks
A simple way to water orchids
Gates: Iran memo was not a 'wake up call' for Obama
Confronting budget woes in cities large and small
South Korea’s Lee vows answers on Cheonan Navy ship sinking
Krugman on the banking crisis in Georgia
Looking at the end of the recession
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of April 19, 2010