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Monitor Articles for April 14, 2010

Tax day 101: Don't forget your Schedule M tax credit
Tax day 101: Are some states driving people out with high state taxes?
Michelle Obama in Mexico: Lessons on fighting childhood obesity
New Boston tea party: Sarah Palin leads defensive, defiant crowd
Tax day 101: How is the tax code changing under Obama?
Despite uproar, Obama holds firm on NASA space exploration plans
Ben Bernanke: Time to shift from stimulus to federal deficit
How much damage did the Shen Neng 1 do the Great Barrier Reef?
Philippines troops hunt Abu Sayyaf militants after terrorist bombings on Basilan
In Qinghai Province in China, earthquake kills hundreds and levels buildings
Global Viewpoint Does the Obama nuclear strategy put the US at risk?
The Monitor's View Financial reform on Wall Street after the bailouts: the wrong focus
An Ordinary Day
Verbal Energy Talking about whose generation?
Having problems with free tax software and e-file? Here's some help.
Me and Mrs. Mugabe: a case of mistaken identity
Responding with prayer to the rise of militias