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Monitor Articles for March 9, 2010

Mitt Romney: Tea Party movement is great as long as they vote Republican
Who spends more time on job search: the unemployed in US or Europe?
Retail sales jump, as snow melts and shoppers emerge
3D TV? What are Sony and Samsung up to?
What's to blame for dinosaur extinction? Asteroids.
Democrats' full-court press on healthcare reform
Rahm Emanuel controversy: White House fights image of turmoil
New at L.A. County Jail: inmates serve half sentences
Afghanistan war: Fight for Kandahar won't be like fight for Marjah
Scrap British police 'stop and search' power
Former FBI Agent Robert Levinson still missing in Iran
Ahead of Iraq election results news reports say Sunni, Kurd turnout strong
It's spring: Pay attention to the market setup
At White House: 14 senators discuss climate-energy legislation
What if a jury – not voters – decided elections?
Green movement proving expensive for California
A biometric ID card for all American workers?
Fishermen’s fear: Public's 'right to fish' shifting under Obama?
Paul Watson spices up Canada seal hunt fight
As gay marriage begins in Washington, opponents vow to fight
Poll: Republican resurgence among young adults
Is 'Power Gig' the next step for music video games?
Mortgage 'Half' Payments: How Much Do They Save?
Through the literary looking glass with "Alice in Wonderland"
Global Viewpoint The Greek debt crisis: how the international community can help
If Conservative donor is a non-dom, shouldn't all Brits be non-doms?
From bartering to paper money – an allegory for cloud computing
Attack of the 3D TVs!
Pringles recall: Are your chips on the list?
The Cult of the New
Teach kids to be entrepreneurs? Nations aren't up to the task.
Cisco announcement disappoints, and Apple is to blame
New wrinkle in Joe Biden agenda: 1,600 units in Israeli settlement
Women reservation bill: India sets quota for female lawmakers
Verbal Energy How many o's in 'ka-booom'?
Can you gauge the economy with just one number?
In a Mexico City barrio a foreigner finds fellowship
Found in a cat food dish
My son
Reader Mailbag: The Nascent Musician
Abortion could stymie healthcare reform legislation
Japan's Hatoyama tries to shift more power to the politicians
Healthcare reform: Obama's march is still on
Competition restored? When companies must undo a merger.
Innovation center? How Israel became a 'Start-Up Nation.'
Trade deficits and fiat currencies
Global Debt: A country-by-country look at spending for growth vs. deficit cutting
New book: Defector tells of shopping in Europe for North Korea dictators
Philippines election: Doubts arise over electronic voting machines
The market against race and sex discrimination
The Monitor's View Immigration reform rests on a national worker ID
Is Internet access a human right? Top 10 nations that say yes.
Opinion Why Israel jailed me for ‘talking too much’
Tehran lobbies China against new Iran sanctions
What Karl Rove reveals in "Courage and Consequence"
Interpol joins international task force investigating Dubai assassination
Opinion Navy submarines: What’s really in the way of women serving?
Runaway Prius: Toyota's sudden acceleration woes are mounting
Are young Chinese overeducated?
How states rank: Federal spending driven by census data
Panic at the podium, then trust
Last suspect in Bali bombing may be dead
Silk Parachute
New York City's 'green defense' against sea levels rising
The Book Thief
Dark matter revealed?
Boston and the National Bureau of Economic Research
What to try your hand at prospecting for gold? Well, not you personally.