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Monitor Articles for March 4, 2010

House passes jobs bill: no giant leap against unemployment
Twitter tops 10 billion tweets
Duluth one-ups Google, Kansas, in bid for super-fast Internet
Behind Supreme Court case: Do gun rights protect against tyranny?
'Day of action' highlights education woes
Terribly Happy: movie review
The Most Dangerous Man in America: movie review
Brooklyn’s Finest: movie review
John Rockefeller leads charge against EPA on greenhouse gases
Turkey recalls ambassador after US resolution on 'Armenian genocide'
Race to the Top: Which states made the list of finalists?
Germans to debt-ridden Greeks: Sell the Acropolis. And a few islands.
Alice in Wonderland: movie review
Will Obama's healthcare plan reduce costs?
Social media domination: Republicans rule Twitter
After banking bust, Iceland turns to free-market innovation
Why some Cambodians speak Russian
Global warming? Scientists find methane source in Arctic seas.
One young voter hopes Iraq election will right wrongs
Nada's uncles will tell her how to vote in Iraq election
Iraq election: Young war generation yearns for old stability
Among the 'best and brightest,' Rami won't vote in Iraq election
A lollipop on the subway
Texas primary: Kay Bailey Hutchison couldn't pull a Sarah Palin
Australian town confronts hidden costs of mining boom
In 'open carry' states, guns and Starbucks mix uneasily
German terror trial convicts four for plotting attacks on US targets
Sander Levin, chair of Ways and Means, forms powerful brother duo
New violence in Sudan, Darfur one year after indictment of Bashir
Brazil’s worry: too much growth
Council, inheritance taxes – the worst of an ugly lot
Sarah Palin will write a second book
Initial and continued jobless claims decline
Peak in real estate price boost from government spending
The Fed-backed mortgage market
Ticking prime bomb: Fannie Mae monthly summary
Hullabaloo over autos?
Reader Mailbag: More Time for Reading
Healthcare reform: Three ways the House may derail Obama's plans
A gracious way to decline hosting a Pampered Chef, Tupperware party
Tale of two charts: Krugman denigrates Chile
Recession causes colleges to cut back on sports
How to avoid problems with home insulation
Free markets? Yes. But how do you get there?
The Monitor's View Abortion and the health care bills: Let's welcome the debate
As Florida Keys residents confront rising sea levels, what lessons?
Utah fights for states' rights with land push
Monopoly is in the eye of the regulator
Should libertarians oppose 'capitalism'?
Sperandeo: US depositors taxed at 100 percent
Apple’s suit against HTC pits patents against innovation
Afghanistan war: NATO unfolds blueprint to rebuild Marjah
Talk to the Editor for March 4: The planet and beyond
Winners of our latest Flickr photo contest
The everyday miracle of commercial air travel
Rothbardian antibank league on the rise
As Iraq election election begins, Sunnis decry signs of possible fraud
US government spending induces counterfeit 'expansion'
Forget 3G. AT&T says the Apple iPad is really a Wi-Fi device
Best books for the next generation: Harry Potter – and "The 9/11 Commission Report"?
Opinion The Obama bid to rid the world of nuclear weapons boosts US security -- minus the threat of Armageddon
'Tis the 'Season' for Vivaldi on Google's homepage
Opinion Northern Ireland proves peace is possible
Chile earthquake: Residents wait for aid in tsumani-hit coastal towns
Suicide bombs before Iraq election shows Al Qaeda still active
Hillary Clinton fails to convince Brazil to support Iran sanctions
China's military spending slows, on paper
A future of peace and hope in Iraq
Haiti, Chile, now Taiwan: earthquake escalation?
Talk to the Editor: The planet and beyond
The Death of American Virtue
The River of Doubt
Bestselling books the week of 3/4/10, according to IndieBound*
Raise your insurance deductible to save money: a smart move?