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Monitor Articles for March 30, 2010

Even sports fans know government stimulus is a poor way to boost jobs
In college basketball, Butler doesn't ride alone
Moscow subway attack: Five ways to make mass transit safer
Hutaree: Why is the Midwest a hotbed of militia activity?
Dad of a fallen Marine perseveres against protests at military funerals
NASA to study Toyota recall cars. Are cosmic rays the culprit?
Student loan reform: What will it mean for students?
Nissan's all-electric Leaf challenges GM Volt and Toyota Prius
Reagan on the $50? Probably not.
In Colombia, FARC rebels release their longest-held hostage
Haiti reconstruction starts at home, groups say ahead of UN donor conference
GOP fires Allison Meyers as strip-club scandal taints party
G8 leaders: Growing momentum for Iran nuclear sanctions
New chill enters US-Cuba relations after Obama's brief thaw
Opinion polls: Obama's health care reform law not a winner so far
Race to the Top: Do California, Florida have a chance?
'Terrorist attack' on Las Vegas canceled: Politics over preparedness?
Our new photo contest celebrates spring
At the Mexico border, a harder line on illegal immigrants
Nuclear power: Obama team touts mini-nukes to fight global warming
Xbox Live support rallies to fix 'MW2' Stimulus Package problem
The Monitor's View Moscow subway bombings: What now?
Home renovation requires resilience
3/29/10 Monitor Books podcast, including an interview with Scott Korb, author of "Life in Year One: What the World Was Like in First-Century Palestine"
Catholic sex abuse scandals: Three key cases facing Pope Benedict
What is Higgs boson – and will CERN scientists find the 'God particle'?
Opinion Moscow metro bombings: Russia should reinvent how it handles terrorism
Gao Zhisheng, Chinese human rights lawyer, released
Gilad Shalit: Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange talks stalled
Eureka! Large Hadron Collider fires up, smashes protons
Best job in the world: honeymoon travel tester?
Q&A: Will Iran nuclear sanctions work?
Global Viewpoint China, Wall Street, and the financial crisis: Francis Fukuyama talks with Henry Paulson
Malaysia cautiously challenges longtime affirmative action policies
Case Shiller index shows house prices rising 0.3 percent
India adds world's hottest chili pepper to its anti-terrorism arsenal
Walter Rodgers Illegal Hispanic immigration is undermining American values
Like Sarah Palin, Karl Rove faces book tour disruption
In India, local tribe battles UK giant Vedanta over bauxite mining
South Korea Cheonan warship sinking: Diver dies during rescue efforts
Calvinism, Christian Science, and God's elect
Somali pirates hijack eight ships in three days
In vitro debate: Is it wrong to sell donor eggs at high prices?