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Monitor Articles for March 29, 2010

Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of March 29, 2010
Report: Apple plans Verizon iPhone
Can Brazil's protectionism get US to practice free trade?
Trading 'movie futures' like pork bellies? MPAA fights the idea.
Norman Leboon charges: threats against Congress nothing new
Race to the Top winners: How did Delaware and Tennessee succeed?
Is any work better than no work? Not for unemployment benefits.
Moscow subway explosions: a blip of terrorism or long-term economic drag?
Who is David Brian Stone, leader of the Hutaree militia?
Australia's housing boom driven in part by population growth
US Navy lending a hand after South Korea ship sinking
Cheesemaking in Nepal: Dairy farmers at the top of the world
CERN particle accelerator set for record energy collisions
Are Tea Partiers ungrateful?
Does good healthcare increases demand for metrosexual men?
Beyond Haiti relief, UN looks at building outside Port-au-Prince
High unemployment keeps consumer confidence slumping
Iraq election: Victorious candidates may be purged, boosting Maliki
How to invest in the government-based economy
Pros and cons of variable annuities
Five reasons you're not out of debt yet
Hutaree militia arrests point to tripling of militias since 2008
The Diagram Prize seeks out bizarre book titles
Can carbon 'cap and trade' make a comeback?
Limits in predicting economy's response to major policy changes
Transit security up worldwide after Moscow subway bombing
Mad World
Does healthcare reform close a tax loopholes or destroy wealth?
Storm damage 2010: States ring up the cost
Oxalis: A great plant indoors and out
Moscow subway bombings: a brief global history of terrorist attacks on subways, trains
Five months of higher spending, six months of flat income
The Monitor's View Obama toughens up
Apartment dwellers can grow vegetables, too
David R. Francis Defense budget: After Afghanistan and Iraq withdrawal, a peace dividend?
South Korea's Cheonan ship sinking mystery: A North Korea mine?
Opinion 'The Hurt Locker': Hollywood's unsettling view of the Iraq war
Difference Maker Teaching others how to give money
Does Moscow subway bombing mark the return of the black widow?
ESOP: Employee ownership of companies on the rise
What to read for Passover
Opinion Hey, Texas, don't mess with textbooks: Public schools are no place for partisan agendas
With Burma election boycott, Suu Kyi party risks breakup
China mining company causes unrest in Niger
Iraq election: Winning Sunni candidates targeted by Maliki forces
Red shirt protesters, Thai PM cling to hard lines despite talks
Rio Tinto employees sentenced to jail in China, then fired
No isolation under Love's care
Moscow Metro bombings: Insecurity in Chechnya, N. Caucasus, comes to Moscow
Athens bombing kills boy, wounds two
A murder bubble in New York City?
Three surprises about making a life change
Pack the trail mix. A Fed interest-rate hike is coming.