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Monitor Articles for March 28, 2010

Need financial help? Twelve ways a money buddy can help.
A perfect life balance? It's about time, not money.
Housing market recovery waiting for Godot
A perfect NCAA bracket?
Social Security now running in the red
Obama's strategy: 'Addict the people'
Personal finance: Winning ways to save (Part 1)
Is an athletics director worth $85,000 a week? Kansas Jayhawks think so.
Look to Germany and China for a model economic solution
Obama's surprise Afghanistan trip begins life after healthcare
FARC rebels release a Colombian soldier, promise another soon
Nat Geo WILD: Animal escapades 24/7 start Monday on the new cable channel
Senators Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham on healthcare reform: Let's get it on
Classic review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
After US dustup, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces growing challenges
Greece bailout: What's the future of the euro?
Central American Parliament wonders who's the legitimate president of Honduras?
Human Rights Watch says Lord's Resistance Army rampage killed 321 in the Congo
The Big Necessity