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Monitor Articles for March 25, 2010

Health care reform forces you to buy health insurance. That's fair. Here's why.
The Mountaintop: Hit play. No subsidy. Time to rethink government arts funding.
Pentagon wants $33 billion more for war in Afghanistan
Euro zone includes IMF in backup bailout for Greece debt
Healthcare reform's politics of anger: GOP fights back
Want to save money on a green home renovation? Hire a HERS rater.
Google China move puts pressure on Microsoft, Yahoo
Now on the ballot, could marijuana legalization happen in California?
NASA's Mars rover keeps on truckin' - hits driving milestone
What exactly is 'wasted time' (or 'wasted money')?
What Obama’s new health care bill means for us
Court upholds ban on Hare Krishna soliciting in LAX airport
South Korea pushes to recycle nuclear power plant fuel
CITES meeting rejects protection for marine species
Pessimism, optimism, realism: Finding the right balance in planning for the future
Iran nuclear sanctions: Ahmadinejad says they won't bite
Dawn of the $4 coffee in Damascus, Syria
Ayn Rand move over: In Pune, India, shantytown residents 'design by consensus.'
Pune, India: A mix of Hindus, Muslims, and foreigners a target for a terrorist attack
US will expedite aid to Pakistan to fight Taliban and Al Qaeda
Small businesses: big employers but small retirement plans
Is Sprint's network ready for the HTC EVO 4G?
AT&T Microcell could help improve home cell service
Apple iPad edition of Wall Street Journal could cost $18 a month
Niger coup: Can Africa use military power for good?
Main Street to Wall Street: No rebound here
Conservative Evangelicals embrace God and green
Pentagon eases 'don't ask, don't tell' law
Ten ways to save money on pets
Obama, economy will see downturn in four year cycle
For Templeton Prize, intelligent design opponent Francisco Ayala
Is Osama bin Laden out of touch?
The Monitor's View Google out of China: Doing no evil
Witch hazel: The delights and challenges
Global Viewpoint Mexico's war on drugs is a disaster
Global Viewpoint Mexico's war on drugs is a disaster
Rising auto sales could rescue Michigan, Big Three
For Pakistan Taliban, critics on the home front include mothers
Germany cracks down on home schooling
US Russia nuclear deal worries some in Moscow
Meaningful budget cuts and protected budgets: A contradiction in terms?
First-time home buyer's credit: Housing's greatest suckers rally
Can the lobbying industry be reformed?
Ignoring Greece's borrowing problems won't make them go away
Israeli settlements standoff with US: Netanyahu fails to defuse tensions
The Jersey Shore – on your reading list?
Biden’s potty mouth: Obama wanted to make it a t-shirt
New and 'organic' existing home sales agree
Opinion Shock poll: Why do so many Republicans think Obama is a socialist, a Muslim, or even the anti-Christ?
Once a science and technology powerhouse, Russia prowess wanes
US healthcare reform is boon for India outsourcing companies
Pakistan counterinsurgency, hailed by US, makes progress in Swat Valley
The coming ‘double dip’ in real estate
Remember America, the immigrant nation?
Warren Sapp will not face domestic battery charges
The economic impact of California's AB32 law for fighting climate change
Senate Democrats beat back GOP alterations to healthcare 'fixes'
Pelosi proves it ain’t over until the Speaker lady sings
Colombia bomb attack kills six, wounds 40 in drug trafficking port city
Flood predictions: do we have to accept them?
Asta in the Wings
Bestselling books the week of 3/25/10, according to IndieBound*
Health care reform? Mumbai's too busy building the future.
Wealth isn’t how much you earn