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Monitor Articles for March 20, 2010

Health care bill victory? Steny Hoyer says they've got the votes
If a Big Mac costs only $1.83 in China, is the yuan too cheap?
Make way, world. India is on the move.
Can't find your favorite hot dog vendor? Try using Twitter.
Two House health care reform votes: first fixes, then Senate bill
Wal-Mart ‘All black people leave’ arrest a media wake-up call
Health care reform bill 101: How long will reform take?
NCAA March Madness On Demand sets streaming video record
Wow! Batman comic gets $1.075 million, rewrites record.
Scientists say dogs were domesticated in Middle East, not Asia
Healthcare vote: Obama to visit Capitol Hill to nail down support
Pope Benedict rips Irish church for "grave errors of judgment"
Hold on. Healthcare reform will cost more than $1 trillion?
Health care reform bill 101: What's a health 'exchange'?
Why didn't I plant more martagon lilies?
In long, cold recession, Sweden kept workers on the job. Its secret?
Health care reform bill 101: Who gets subsidized insurance?
ACORN sliding toward bankruptcy?
Healthcare reform: the pen is mightier than the bill
US trains nuclear detectives to trace 'loose' nukes
Iraq and Afghanistan: America's invisible wars
Old tradition for Spring equinox 2010: burning socks?
Which way, America, on healthcare bill vote?
After papal rebuke, Ireland takes stunned stock of battered church, economy, and nation
Experiment implodes: Jeremy Tyler quits Israeli basketball team
Small business still hunkered down
Condoleezza Rice admits some regrets over Iraq war
Still Life
Vincere: movie review
A real life 3D invisibility cloak? Scientists make gold disappear
Made a financial mistake? Try these three steps.
Five cleaning habits that waste your money
Letters to the Editor – Weekly Issue of March 8, 2010