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Monitor Articles for March 19, 2010

David R. Francis China's yuan will rise someday. US should push for now.
NCAA basketball tournament teams don’t generate profits
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: movie review
Dodd financial reform bill goes too far
As healthcare reform vote nears, some lawmakers still deciding
Even before House vote on healthcare bill, legal challenges loom
Last ditch talks collapse - British Airways strike to go ahead
The Bounty Hunter: Yikes, put a bounty on this movie!
Time short for immigration reform plan
Healthcare reform: Reaching finish line comes down to trust
Jude Law in 'Repo Men' - should someone 'repo' this movie?
Photographers and police: a First Amendment clash
Jihad Jane case suggests rising threat from online 'jihobbyists'
Dow's loss ends eight-day streak of gains. What now?
What Fargo, N.D., goes through to contain Red River flooding
Two to tango: Why Iran turns dance partners into enemies
Why Americans oppose the healthcare reform bill
NCAA basketball tournament 2010: Gotta watch, gotta work
Warren Buffett is a rock star. Literally.
Now presenting: Michelle Obama's closet
Why US sees Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a security threat
Will the iPad tablet best the Apple iPhone in initial sales?
Ben Stiller scores big in 'Greenberg'
Pope letter on Catholic sex abuse scandal meets Irish skepticism
Xbox 360's Natal will bring 'brilliant innovations,' Sega exec predicts
The Monitor's View Favorable CBO score on healthcare cost: not the final word
Should you go see 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'?
Kodak Theater HD Player review roundup
Gardens provide peace of mind to soldiers at war
Dubai assassination spotlights top cop skills in a modern-day Casablanca
Will the student aid bill help with your college costs?
Default, deflation and other financial curse words
Here come the sandbags - people get ready for Fargo flooding
Welcome, spring!
Faith in the American dream declining
North Korea spurns UN push to stop executions and torture
Fargo flooding turns farms into lakes
Boomerang kids: How to handle them returning to the nest
Health care reform bill 101: Who must buy insurance?
Nearly half of Israel supports Quartet call for Israeli settlement freeze
Kristen Stewart in "The Runaways" - should you run away?
Indonesia disappointed after Barack Obama delays trip
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" movie reviews
Gerard Butler in the 'The Bounty Hunter' - hit or miss?
Earthquake alerts: shake, rattle, and Twitter
Japan sighs relief as bluefin tuna ban fails
Quartet host Russia: A new broker for Israel peace?
Hamas fails to rein in Gaza rocket attacks, prompting Israel strike
Conference rejects protection for polar bears
Opinion A March Madness tribute to a hoopster who played in obscurity
Speaking words you don't have to take back
Opinion Liberia: What it takes to push peace-building to the next level
Jihad Jane pleads not guilty to terrorism charges
March Madness reading list: 10 best books about college basketball
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
In Britain: uncertain election, shaky pound
If Democrats want healthcare reform, why deem it? Vote!
Should surplus nations increase the value of their currencies?