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Monitor Articles for March 16, 2010

On day of Corey Haim funeral, 911 tape released
If US states allow open-carry of guns, why not Britain?
Britain mulls a death tax
Bilingual from the first baby babblings
A baby sitter’s undivided attention
Verbal Energy Dry air, dry wit, and the fluid origins of humor
Kenya travels: A remote Masai village welcomes its first white guests
Lance Mackey wins Iditarod yet again
Eric Holder: US does not expect to capture Osama bin Laden alive
Did the White House offer Joe Sestak a job?
'Deem and pass': Democrats' new tactic for healthcare reform bill
What a Google China exit would mean
Fake tax refund scams on the rise as tax day looms
Archaeologists unearth statue of Egyptian god "Thoth"
Why Iran smiles on Jerusalem clashes
Tiger Woods Masters comeback: not the safe play
Charlie Sheen pleads not guilty to assaulting wife, faces up to 3 years if convicted
Tiananmen Square massacre now searchable on Google China?
Hillary Clinton says Israel must prove it's committed to peace
With most Iraq election votes counted, Iyad Allawi closer to Prime Minister Maliki
Iditarod leader Lance Mackey headed for finish line
It could be time for China to back down
In US, home magazines are up; sex magazines are down
Was LA earthquake a precursor to the 'Big One'?
Exclusive Masters fits Tiger Woods return to a tee
In Israel, an African immigrant opens his own dance club
Inside Al Shabab: How the Somalia militant group rules through fear
Google Nexus One, AT&T get hitched
Moody’s hints at move that could be catastrophic for US debt
Stylish new products made from repurposed materials
As Northern Ireland seeks to secure peace, splits within unionist ranks
New music from King of Pop? Michael Jackson estate inks big deal.
God of War 3 review roundup
Is "Double Falsehood" a lost work by Shakespeare?
Why is US healthcare so expensive? It's simple.
It's Betty White palooza! First SNL and now "Hot in Cleveland"
The Monitor's View FCC national broadband plan: a vision for the nation
Think government spends too much on health care? Look at the bill for retirees.
Opinion China: the coming costs of a superbubble
Tiger Woods is back and he's playing at the Masters
John Hughes The Castro-Chávez link: What are 30,000 Cuban advisers doing in Venezuela?
Somali pirates release tanker after receiving $3.5 million ransom
Ohio execution set in case that changed lethal injection process
In Texas, free-market economists get a boost from government
Mississippi melons sweeten retirement one seed at a time
No damage reported in Los Angeles earthquake
Asian carp: how one fish could ruin the Great Lakes
Why solving the Asian carp problem is so hard
Krugman's trade war fiction
Plants that fight algae in the water garden
Doh! Your new friend on Facebook might be the FBI.
President Mubarak appears on Egypt TV after surgery, quelling health rumors
Can Israel tamp down Jerusalem clashes?
Governors prod Washington on renewable energy
A new William Shakespeare play? Long lost play to be published.
Space shuttle Discovery launch could be delayed due to leaks
In Venezuela, public transport is a gondola to a barrio
Bluefin tuna ban tops concerns at CITES endangered species meeting
He Pingping, dubbed 'world's shortest man' by Guinness, dies
Oops! Andre Agassi sorry he made fun of Pete Sampras
ABBA, Genesis, Iggy Pop enter Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
'See you in Nome!' Final leg of Iditarod underway.
In Virginia, you (only) get what you pay for
4.4 magnitude earthquake rattles LA
Mastermind sentenced in tribal casino scheme
Mexico killings: President Calderón visits Juarez to tout new social programs
After two years of silence, Rielle Hunter fires back
Hidden cause of great recession and next financial crisis? Debt
I hate what Apple stands for, says new Google hire Tim Bray
Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa asserts power with Sarath Fonseka's court martial
Difference Maker Mentoring juveniles before they become adult criminals
Thai PM confronted with red-shirt protesters' bloody stunt
Grinch of St. Patrick's Day? Worker suspended for shamrock pride.
A tax season to remember
At least 69 alleged Russian mafia arrested in European crackdown
Final stretch for Iditarod: Leader Lance Mackey only miles from Nome
Federal Reserve gets supercharged in Dodd's new financial regulation plan
Does Antarctic shrimp (lyssianasid amphipod) mean extraterrestrial life?
US vows FBI help after Cuidad Juarez killings
The Death and Life of the Great American School System