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Monitor Articles for March 12, 2010

This recovery is a sham
If prices rise after an NBC/Comcast merger, is that bad?
2010: The year of the global insurrection?
Global economies surge forward without the US
Will healthcare reform nix any Senate bipartisanship on other bills?
Korea OLEV concept vehicle sees the future, and it's magnets
Mother: movie review
Remember Me: movie review
Harlan – In the Shadow of 'Jew Süss': movie review
Green Zone: movie review
Chicago may suspend enforcement of its landscaping ordinance
New evidence indicates China may be Bankrupt
Hillary Clinton at UN: 'Women's progress is human progress'
iPad pre-orders begin, along with e-book copyright questions
Will House healthcare reform vote come next week?
Clinton call to Netanyahu: Israel settlement move a 'deeply negative signal'
How long will China support the US dollar?
Lehman Bros. used accounting trick amid financial crisis – and earlier
Is the future of food in frozen, seed-filled Tupperware containers?
'Jihad Jane' joins growing list of American terror suspects
'Tea party'? 'Coffee party'? How about the Juicebox Party?
News of Simon Cowell Afghan fiancée: How does it play in Kabul?
New life for Pontiac Silverdome: First up, monster trucks
What to do if you overdraw your checking account
The Monitor's View Marijuana legalization? A White House rebuttal, finally
How fast is your Internet connection? Ask the FCC.
Unemployment among Latin America youths fuels 'lost generation'
In India, Russia's Putin agrees to sell arms, energy
Maybe Internet forums, not fences, are what make good neighbors
Obama's Nobel Prize money: education groups to get most of it
Orange County sues Toyota. Can automaker get a fair trial?
Healthcare reform: Obama to stick close to home to await vote
The Fed's Janet Yellen: Who is she?
San Francisco's Newsom launches lieutenant governor bid
YouTube drags reluctant Soviet star Mr. Trololo back into spotlight
Want to save $50,000? Try a three-year college degree.
Prune fruit now for a big harvest later
Consumer sentiment: Will Americans spend or save?
Turkey coup plot: What's behind the tumultuous identity crisis
Opinion High divorce rates and teen pregnancy are worse in conservative states than liberal states
Opinion Health care and job creation are important, but Obama must address racism
How to donate to family of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili
Can PlayStation Move, Natal revive video game sales?
Turkey cancels summit with Sweden over Armenian genocide resolution
Congratulations to NBCC award winners
British Airways strike is latest in wave across Europe airlines
Apple Store braces for iPad pre-order blitz
UN sees no indication of widespread fraud in Iraq election
Ocean acidification: another path to EPA rules on carbon emissions?
Paying attention to the obvious
Prayer for peace and understanding in Nigeria
Pakistan: suicide bomb attacks in Lahore cap particularly grim week
Ruby's Spoon
Alexander Hamilton
How fast is your Internet? FCC releases broadband test