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Monitor Articles for February 4, 2010

Impeached ex-Illinois governor Blagojevich faces new charges
With Scott Brown sworn into Senate, parties shift strategies
Homegrown terrorism a growing concern for US intelligence
Shark attack: Lifeguard hailed as a hero in rescue attempt
Senate Democrats: we will move fast on job creation
The global odds of a shark attack? You're more likely to eat one than be eaten
Obama's Kenyan aunt fights deportation, seeks US asylum
Paulson's 'On the Brink': Seven revelations about US financial crisis
Obama's export goals: Will China trade be a sticking point?
New Hubble images reveal Pluto's dynamic surface
Sovereign debt fears rattle Dow
Haiti ambassador: 'compassion' for American missionaries charged with kidnapping
New York sues Bank of America over Merrill Lynch merger
CERN scientists ramp up to restart collider
Madden says Saints win Super Bowl
Avatar smashes past $2 billion, but can it beat Gone with the Wind?
Afghanistan war: US tries to undercut Taliban at tribal level
Florida shark attack a great white? Probably not, says researcher
Carly Fiorina's bizarre political ad: Tom Campbell as demon sheep
Illinois's Pat Quinn wins primary, but Scott Lee Cohen issue looms
Slingbox app approved by AT&T, just in time for iPad launch
The Monitor's View Super Bowl betting can’t be a goldmine for states
'Tea party' movement: Who are they and what do they want?
Twitter resignation: Sun's CEO tweets haiku goodbye. So can you.
Why Scott Brown is taking his US Senate seat early
Urban Dictionary name definitions the latest Facebook craze
With touch-screen purchase, Amazon edges closer to Apple iPad territory
Google cyber attacks a 'wake-up' call for US, intel chief says
Opinion Yemen doesn't have to be the next failed terrorist state
Obama's nuclear power policy: a study in contradictions?
Why Jacob Zuma's infidelity carries a small political price
'Lady Al Qaeda': Pakistan reacts to Aafia Siddiqui conviction in US court
Too early for Census results? Not if you're interested in galaxies!
In conservative Egypt, radio show targets stigma on divorced women
Talk to the Editor for Feb. 4: Congress
Complaints against 2010 Prius surpass all 2010 Toyota recall models
What's behind renewed war jitters in Israel, Lebanon?
Portland promotes urban cycling, but costs will be high
In North Korea, angry crowds and rising prices spur power plays
Opinion The Verizon Wireless cure for health care reform
US troop presence in Pakistan meets surprisingly muted response
Do you love your e-reader? You are not alone
Haiti: black market in food aid emerges
Why NASA picked stormy Florida
Adults ruined blogs for kids, study shows
Gao Zhisheng: One year later, China still mum on missing lawyer
How to boost student learning? More recess might help.
India offers to resume peace talks with Pakistan
Enough to go around
US unable to guard against cyber attacks: Intel director Blair
My Losing Season
Bestselling books the week of 2/4/10, according to IndieBound*